Why are there so many hospitality technology vendors in our industry? (Part I)

(Digital Marketeers Perspective) Some hoteliers are rightfully disoriented in the current myriad of hospitality technology vendors and solutions and are dreaming of a one-stop-shop tech solution that will cover all of their PMS, RMS, CRS, Channel Manager, CRM, CMS and DMS needs.

Wholesale distribution is poisoned: Could an OTA be the antidote?

Though not completely unexpected (in April, the two companies openly admitted they were working together on a distribution platform), the Expedia Partner Solution/Marriott agreement created an unprecedented event in the industry.

Attribute Based Shopping - A blessing or a bane?

While attribute based shopping has been discussed for over 10 years, the level of noise about its application for the hotel industry has significantly increased in the last 18 months. After significant investment in new systems and technology, companies like IHG are tipping their toes in the ABS waters.

Is our industry lagging behind due to a lack of proper education?

Hospitality HR experts estimate there are 100,000 open IT and digital marketing positions in hospitality in North America alone. This labor shortage and lack of adequate investments jeopardize the introduction of the latest technology applications and best practices, curbs new implementations and stifles technology innovations in the industry.

My biggest frustration with hotel-tech when booking or staying at a hotel!

We all get to travel quite a bit in our industry... As a traveler, we get confronted with a wide range of technologies/platforms both during the booking/pre-arrival phase as well as the actual checkin and stay in a hotel room.

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