Cutting Through the Clutter to Brand your F&B in 2017

Now that 2016 is behind us, we can look back at food and dining achievements in the US and acknowledge a number of interesting trends we all enjoyed and appreciated. Restaurants and servers began to more effectively respect diners with food sensitivities and allergies, for example.

Digital Marketing Budgets for Independent Hotels: Continuously Shifting to Remain Competitive in the Online World

The hotel marketing budget, typically amounting to approximately 4-5% of an asset's total revenue, must remain fluid, so that the marketing director can constantly adapt the marketing tools to meet consumer communications methods and demands.

The Dual-Branded Hotel: Operational Efficiencies, HR Cautions and Future Value

The dual-branded hotel concept is speculated to have a number of origins; Looking at the hospitality industry as a whole, a comparison that comes naturally is one to dual-branded restaurants. Two restaurants under one roof could be viewed as a close similarity as housing two hotel brands under one roof, but in reality, the two are actually quite different.

Hotel CSR: Social Causes and 'Doing Good' Will Remain Integral in Hospitality

With the powerful travel influence of the millennial generation as well as the ever-growing needs of today's geo-traveler, the popularity of corporate social responsibility (CSR) is increasingly important in the arena of hospitality.

Financial & Competitive Advantages of an Effective Hotel SEM Strategy

Inefficient algorithms drove various search engines throughout the 1990's. Search results were at times unrelated to the proposed query, and were cluttered with spam. Google soon devised a more organized and systematic search result listing, and the relevance of search results improved exponentially.

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