A Dog-Eat-Dog Business, Part 10 - The Life of a Hotel Doctor

My last post reported a housecall service that charged an unbelievably large fee. By an odd coincidence, at about the same time, I came across another new service with an even more unbelievable fee: $99.

A Dog-Eat-Dog Business, Part 9 - The Life of a Hotel Doctor

I keep an eye on the competition, and recently an internet search turned up International Medical Services (not its real name) which promised to send a highly qualified doctor to a home, office, or hotel at a moment's notice.

Another Incident in a Hotel Doctor’s Glamorous Life - The Life of a Hotel Doctor

Younger, cooler, more expensive doctors own the franchise on Los Angeles film shoots, but I go now and then.

Lost in Translation - The Life of a Hotel Doctor

5:30 a.m. Saturday is an ideal time for a call. I had finished writing and was sitting down to breakfast. I told the dispatcher that I would be at the hotel in an hour.

A Pure Source of Natural Energy - The Life of a Hotel Doctor

A yoga instructor was attending a convention of like-minded devotees when one vendor gave him a sample of a natural energy pill. Within half an hour, he was certain that his blood pressure was out of control.

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