Getting Dimensional About Guest Experiences

Tangible tasks, creative designers, innovative architects, accurate measurements and efficient operations lead to getting the physical dimensions of a hospitality environment right. Though physical, these elements have the power to evoke emotions, set the stage, and greatly impact the guest experience.

Go Hard on Soft Service Skills

In today's world, a lot of times we think HARD is better. Work hard! Play hard! Drive a hard bargain! Hard may mean strength such as "hard as a rock" versus soft which may seam weak as in "Don't be a softy.

The Concierge Gave Me the Finger and I Loved it

What to my wondering eyes should appear, but a giant imbedded computer screen across which the concierge and I could peer. During these times of so many technology innovations, some of which can be confusing, detached and frustrating in hospitality environments, I was astounded by a whole new look and feel at the InterContinental Miami concierge desk.

Ladies First: The concierge profession's first ladies share their unique service platforms

First Ladies, like Michelle Obama and first lady candidates like Ann Romney during this election year in the USA, are pioneering new paths of influence in today's society and many first ladies have used their position to change perceptions and raise awareness for lesser known causes.

Pineapple Service: The Smallest Gestures Can Make the Biggest Impressions- TASTE the difference!

It's the small things that matter. Big things come in small packages... it's the little things that count. This is especially true in the hospitality industry. The littlest efforts can make the biggest impressions.

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