Important Hospitality Leadership Skills in 2018

What will leadership look like this year? It's not always the same each year; Yes, leadership books might provide the same basics of leadership skills and yes, leading by example is a great foundation, but today I am exploring the combination of mentoring, coaching, leading and managing in 2018.

Hospitality Trends 2018 – What’s Happening in Hospitality

Each December, we come out with my trends for the following year. Last year we led with Artifical Intelligence and Robotics. In May, 2017, we hired our first robot as Employee #25 at our Fairfield Inn & Suites.

Best Management Practices for Less Experienced or “Mom and Pop” Owners

If you are considering a management company because you feel you are not keeping up with the nuances of distribution channel management, human resource management, digital marketing, accounting and the changes in the industry that have driven us from art to science like revenue management, you are not alone.

Competitive Advantage 2018 – The World Has Changed

The classic model of competitive advantage is Michael Porter's five forces shown below. This is still a useful model for the hotel industry. The most interesting part of this in 2017 is the "substitute" portion of the grid–this is what Airbnb is all about and they will have had a huge impact on our industry by the time most people wake up to it.

To operate or not to operate hotel restaurants

We manage a great hotel in Sedona, Arizona, called Arabella. We pride ourselves on having unique features. These include a small hiking trail up to a spot that is ideal for star-gazing, a courtyard as a backdrop for an idyllic picnic or coffee sipping, an on-property puppy named Bella who greets guests, and a fine restaurant called the Elote Cafe.

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