What to expect with Google's new positioning in travel?

Launched earlier in May, Google Trips puts merges flights, hotels, packages, home-rentals, car rentals, ridesharing, cruises, and experiences search in one single, übermensch ecosystem, combining the Google Trips app, Google Flights, and Google Hotels under one landing page.

'OK Google, find me a nice hotel for my weekend break in Berlin.'

One of the biggest factors that drive the adoption of any technology is whether it reduces friction, i.e. does it make things easier for a customer to do business with a company? As Peter O’Connor of Essec explains, communicating with our computers and devices using our own voices will do just that.

Is Rate Leakage a problem for hotels?

Wholesalers who have negotiated discounted rates with the hotel under the pretext of needing wholesale rates to bundle with air or local activities, etc. into packages, and then leak the discounted rates "naked" online-primarily via the OTAs or their initiatives like Booking.

Evolution warning: Are hotel owners in danger of becoming the new taxi drivers?

Just as the taxi industry responded to new competition by trying to manipulate governments in their favor, hotel chains are ganging up on travel industry innovators such as Airbnb and online travel agencies.

Digital is metamorphosing hotel operating structures

With travel becoming increasingly digital, existing relationships are being disrupted, write HVS’s Sophie Perret and Peter O’Connor from ESSEC Business School. Digital is facilitating the introduction of new and innovative business models, many of which will have far reaching consequences for how the sector operates and the future role of hotel brands.

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