Is Hotel Technology Lagging Behind other industries?

For over a decade I have heard industry pundits, consultants, other experts, and myself say that the hospitality industry lags behind other industries in innovation, investment, and adoption of new technologies.

Hotel mergers and acquisitions: Five things to look out for if you happen to be in the IT department

M&As can be painful and expensive and require careful planning, investment and change management in order to be successful, writes Accor’s Floor Bleeker. Here is his advice for thriving during the process.

The apps we use

“There’s an app for that!” is much more than a tired old joke when it comes to working together across time zones and continents. Floor Bleeker of Mövenpick has graciously agreed to share with us his insider list of apps that he and his colleagues use to improve their effectiveness as an IT department – and as a team.

IT spending: where should it go?

We rely on data and systems to optimize revenue, improve operations and target customers. Are we spending on the right initiatives? Floor Bleeker of Mövenpick Hotels & Resorts expands on how a well-thought IT strategy can propel the organization’s competitive edge – and how priorities can and must be established.

HTNG Middle East conference – IT and Business meet

I have been a proud member of the HTNG board for over 5 years now and have seen HTNG grow in my home base; Dubai and the region. HTNG (Hotel Technology Next Generation) is the largest not for profit trade organization for technology in the hospitality industry and a great platform for hoteliers and vendors to work together on enhancing the technology we deploy in hotels.

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