Building a smart distribution strategy

Today's post features an interview with Berry Van Weelden, CHR Advisory Board member and senior director of sales strategy and operations at I started out this blog series with a conversation with Mark Lomanno about the rising costs of distribution.

Price, UGC and Loyalty - How the Road Warrior Chooses a Hotel

Consumers have more information than ever before when they are making a hotel room purchase. In addition to traditional information like price and brand, they now have access to new information like reviews, ratings and TripAdvisor Rank.

CHR Insights: Distribution Costs, Why everyone in hospitality needs to pay attention: An interview with Mark Lomanno

CHR Insights features industry analysis and commentary from Kelly A. McGuire, MMH '01, PhD '07, who is a CHR fellow and vice president, advanced analytics, for Wyndham Destination Network. Previously the leader of the SAS Hospitality and Travel Global Practice, and a member of the CHR Advisory Board, she has long been active in advanced analytics and big data.

9 Ways for Hoteliers to thrive in 2016

2015 was a busy year for the hotel industry. ADR, Occupancy and RevPAR achieved record highs. We saw extensive merger and acquisition activity, culminating at the end of the year with the acquisition of Starwood by Marriot and Fairmont by Accor (and don't forget Expedia's Orbitz acquisition, of course).

Just get me my data! (Please) | B Kelly McGuire

We've been talking about data recently at the Analytic Hospitality Executive. I've advocated to use whatever data you have, big or small, to get started today on analytic initiatives that will help you avoid big data paralysis.

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