Artificial Intelligence (AI) and the Revenue Impact on the Guest Life Cycle

In 2013, Amazon filed a patent for what the company calls "anticipatory shipping." The idea is that Amazon uses predictive analytics to know what consumers want before they want it. As a result, the company can have products pre-shipped to nearby warehouses, ready them for delivery, and when the consumer presses the purchase button, have the shipment there faster than ever before.

How Hoteliers Can Optimize the Check-in Process

What's the goal of every guest check-in? It's more than delivering the guest a room, but for many years that's how check-in has been treated - as a means to an end. But no matter how a guest checks in, via mobile or at the front desk, check-in should be so much more.

The upsell advantage and the impact of mobile on hotel revenue

Upselling represents a significant revenue opportunity for hotels, potentially accounting for 10% to 20% of guests’ total charges. But as Jason Bryant, CEO of Nor1, explains, since upselling, by definition, means guests are consuming more products and services, it can also be a key differentiator in guest satisfaction as well.