Often Misunderstood - Vacation Rental & Condo-Hotel Homeowner Statement Deductions

In both Vacation Rentals and Condo-Hotels the "homeowner" could be thought of as a "partner" of the Rental Program Operator. If and when economic benefit justifies it, "homeowners" place their "homes" in rental programs in order to receive a distribution share of Gross Room Revenues.

Why Luxury Hotel Brands are getting into the Vacation Rental Business in 2018

No one can argue with "the numbers" and decreased market share. With Vacation Rentals continuing to be on rise, hotel executives are taking a long hard look at the Vacation Rental business. Traditional hotels are far from extinction, yet numbers drive executives and solutions need to be found to counter the erosion.

Your Boss can Track Your Every Move – a New Vacation Rental Industry Norm?

It's interesting that I was once dramatically opposed to "tracking" staff because I felt it was an invasion of a person's (staff's) privacy. Admittedly, I've come full circle on this in the Vacation Rental business and after years of struggling with it I've converted.

In Vacation Rentals YOU declare what your Mortgage Payment Will Be

In the majority of cases, getting into the Vacation Rental business requires very little capital outlay. Often small operators begin by renting a home or two that they own and/or they begin to build a client base in which they split revenues earned.

Vacation Rental Metrics & Margins Matter (Part 1)

As their hotel brethren before them, the Vacation Rental industry is now establishing their own unique set of metrics and margins. These averages are benchmarks that Vacation Rental owners can look to, to assess their financial position and performance.

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