Post-Stay Survey Management 101 – Part Two

Many forward-thinking hoteliers have already realized the importance of customer feedback in creating a more positive guest experience to improve operations, service and revenue. But like many hotel professionals, you might be confused about how to actually collect and analyze the abundance of Guest Intelligence that is available about your property.

Post-Stay Survey Management 101 – Part One

The majority of hotels have been using some form of guest survey for years, but recently a shift has been happening in the way that hotels collect feedback. Early adopters of guest surveys have realized the need to replace long, complicated surveys with shorter, more personalized direct surveys.

Trends That Will Boost your Hotel Marketing in 2015

At the beginning of every year, many experts offer their list of industry forecasts for the year ahead. Some turn out to be highly accurate, and others, not so much. In the hotel industry in particular, most prediction articles neglect to mention how hoteliers should actually implement these trends at their properties.