AETHOS Takes a Deep Look at Leadership in The (US and UK) Restaurant Sectors

The tech era has highlighted the importance of data mining and has made this process critical when it comes to decision-making and even tactical execution. It is easy to assume that evidenced-based insights and models would only apply to business metrics and issues, but the burgeoning science of Human Resources shows that "big" data can help in "big" ways as it pertains to hiring the right talent for the right positions for optimally effective organizations.

Redefining “Environ-mental Impact” in Cruise: The Fusion of Wellness, Design, & Hospitality

"Wellness" sounds trendy, but the concept has always been inherent to the hospitality industry its beginning is arguably rooted in historic spa locations where mineral-rich waters were used for medicinal baths.

The Employee Benefit Hotel Businesses Can’t Afford Not to Offer

Hotel organizations in today's global marketplace compete heavily, not just among one another but also with other service-focused verticals and customer-facing businesses, in attracting and retaining top talent.

Reimagining Sales Leadership with Josh Lesnick, President & CEO, Associated Luxury Hotels

AETHOS recently "picked-the-brain" of Josh Lesnick, President & CEO of Associated Luxury Hotels - the parent company of Associated Luxury Hotels International (ALHI) and Worldhotels. Both are leading global hospitality services organizations that specialize in luxury-level and upper-upscale independently owned or operated hotels and resorts around the world.

Hospitality Leadership Series On ‘Professional Visibility’: The 3 Cs of Executive Presence

Last month, we investigated what it takes to be visible in the professional market place and concluded with the suggestion that "visibility" is only worth something if it is tied to "relatability". In this article, we stipulate that the former and the latter should be complemented by "executive presence".

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