Who Do You Trust? Influencers or the Media?

A new survey about what media consumers trust is a must read for hotel and resort marketersand PR staff because it zeroes in on the key question: what media do people trust? The relatedquestion: Do t.

The Joy of Publicity

It's the "in" thing to say these days - "oh, we don't need traditional media, we're on social media, and isn't traditional media all fake news anyway?"

Supercharging Hotel and Spa Storytelling in the 21st Century

The power to tell a compelling marketing story is in the palm of our hands. Literally. Your cellphone. And it just keeps getting better from there.

Beyond Spa - Embrace the Wellness Revolution

Spa directors are in a funk. Many see declining bookings and just about all see diminished buzz but face reality: the pendulum has swung and the spa that had been so in maybe 10 years ago now is plummeting towards obsolescence.

Going Beyond Travel Cliches: How to Sell Wellness 2.0

Looking through a Google News roundup of stories about wellness hotels and I am overwhelmed. There's an avalanche of such accommodations, with new ones springing up everywhere from Ibiza to France, Hong Kong to Yangon.

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