Marketing To and Protecting Visiting Children

Last month Tourism Tidbits examined the marketing issues that surround child or young adult tourism and travel. This month Tourism Tidbits takes on a second aspect of this segment of the tourism and travel industry.

Marketing To and Protecting Visiting Children

One of the most difficult segments of the tourism industry to which to market protect the children or young adult segment, In reality, this segment breaks down into at least four sub-segments, and each of these has its own challenges and opportunities.

Working with Meeting & Convention Planners

Meeting & Convention Planners (MCPs) play a vital part of the tourism industry. Not only do they often decide what community will receive a lucrative convention but their opinions also matter in the way a community is perceived and as such they act as part of a community's unofficial marketing team.

Tourism Tidbits: Confronting the World’s Changing Economic Times

Perhaps Charles Dickens said it best when he stated that we live in the best and worst of times. There is little doubt that the tourism industry is facing some interesting and challenging times. Its transportation component has to deal with the irregular and hard to predict cost of fuel, both in the form of gasoline and jet plane fuel, but also the fact that antiquated air systems combined with a major decline in customer service have made millions of travelers understand why the we derive the word "travel" from the French word "travail" meaning (hard) work.

Tourism Tidbits: Human Rights and Tourism

In the United States, the month of November is connected to the holiday of Thanksgiving. It is a day of contemplative thought, mixed with travel, large feasts, and sports. In the spirit of Thanksgiving, T&M offers this contemplative essay about human rights and giving thanks.

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