The Changing Landscape of Hotel Management

Shifting demographics and new technologies are primary catalysts for the evolving hospitality business; however, the impact on management is enormous.

The Transformation of the Hotel Industry in the 2010s

We have officially been transformed into the John Naisbitt coined "hi tech, hi touch" world, 33 years after the release of his book. Led by revenue management but now including distribution, channel management, social media marketing, Web 2.

Build, Buy, Hold or Sell? Late-Cycle Owner Strategies

This year, some analysts talk about how the cycle is "getting long in the tooth" since we have been expanding for over 90 months. Since the tourism industry is resilient and still growing, success is very possible for another several years.

Spring Conference Season – What is the Buzz?

Spring brings on many conferences including our own Lodging Industry Forecast Event (LIFE) Conference held in March. Recently we've had Meet the Money, held in early May and the NYU Hotel Conference, being held now.

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