Service innovation in times of economic downturn

Many nations, companies, and individuals are still reeling from the negative effects of the financial crash that began in 2007 and then ground on through the years, affecting many economies around the world, particularly in the eurozone.

Hospitality innovation: an oxymoron?

Innovation. It's the lifeblood of many industries. But in our industry, hospitality, innovation tends to be incremental rather than radical. That's not to say there have not been new and innovative practices, but by and large it's a conservative and traditional industry, which focuses on best practices and processes.

Innovation in Hospitality Management

Hotels face a life-threatening competitor that might forever change the industry landscape, at least the landscape as we know it today. Competition is coming from for-profit firms that generate the bulk of their revenues from exploiting the growing (and hence attractive) world of collaborative consumption: online, peer-to-peer marketplaces of bed-sharing.