Hotel Spending Out of Balance: Finding Equilibrium by Investing in PMS Technology to Drive Value Generation

Success is, in many respects, a product of continued investment. Professional athletes invest in the counsel and guidance of high-level coaches; the best in their industry, to ensure they are prepped for each game day.

How can hoteliers thrive in the new 'Guest Experience Economy'?

Today’s hotel guests are consistently voting with their wallets to buy experiences rather than products. Get creative and offer unforgettable, exciting ways for guests to engage with your brand, says Jos Schaap, CEO and Founder of StayNTouch.

Why is Hotel Technology Lagging Behind the Rest?

Let's imagine you walked into the office of a digital marketing agency in anticipation of a job interview, only to notice that employee desks were equipped with cumbersome, old school PC monitors paired with dial-up internet.

The New Era of Personalization: The Hyperconnected Guest Experience

With the onset of 2019, we've stumbled upon a rather interesting (albeit, integral) crossroads in the hospitality realm. As consumer technology continues to expand its influence and popular adoption across industries, brands are realizing mounting pressure to adapt to this new age of technological personalization and hyper-connectivity.

Online Ripple Effects: How Digital Tech Changes Guests' Offline/On-Property Expectations

Bill Gates was famously quoted saying "We always overestimate the change that will occur in the next two years and underestimate the change that will occur in the next ten." Over the last decade, we have witnessed a period of rapid technological evolution.

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