Restaurant Staff: to Tip or not to Tip?

Tips are crucial for restaurant staff in the US where salaries are generally low, but in Switzerland tips are a form of bonus based on customer satisfaction and not so critical as basic salaries can be around 4,000-5,000 CHF or USD a month.

The Future of Work: Look on the Bright Side?

Whenever you hear a news item about artificial intelligence and robots, which are now gaining a foothold in the hospitality industry and other sectors, the message is usually this: jobs are going to disappear, with perhaps millions of people facing long-term unemployment.

Content Marketing Strategy in Hospitality: Choice Hotels Europe

In this article on the brand as publisher, we focus on Choice Hotels which has launched a travel portal to drive traffic to its booking site and collect customer data. Tess Mattisson, director of marketing for the European division of Choice Hotels International, spoke recently to EHL students about why she decided to launch the site and the benefits it has brought.

Restaurant Expansion Recipe: Creativity, Integrity and Trust | Stuart Pallister

Think of leading chefs like Alain Ducasse and Wolfgang Puck, and consider their restaurant businesses which have become truly global. How can they ensure that their restaurants in, say, Doha, Shangha.

The Future of Food: Transparency and Traceability Are Key

What are the main trends facing restaurateurs and the food industry currently, and where is gastronomy heading? Those are some of the questions posed during a panel session at the recent Window 2 the Future conference staged by Lausanne Hospitality Consulting at Ecole hôteliere de Lausanne.

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