Hospitality Financial Leadership - How to Use 21-point Flow Thru Inspection

Just like your auto mechanic checks your car's health you can completely review your hotel's financial performance and get a clear reading on as many as 21 different flow thru performance points. Further to that you can even see what you need to do in most cases to correct the results! It's what I call super revealing.

Hospitality Financial Leadership - Global Food Cost vs Tracking Individual Outlet – Pros and Cons

What is really important to realize is the food cost calculation in your hotel will always come back to the cost of goods formula. Any attempt to track and individualize the outlet food cost that I have ever seen is a big waste of time.

Hospitality Financial Leadership - Singing the National Anthem with Paul Newman

Going to a professional automobile race is always an opportunity to meet famous people. What you need to do is be able to identify these people because they are right under your nose. In this piece I am writing about one such encounter with the late and great Mr.

Hospitality Financial Leadership - Creating and Using Staffing Guides

In our business it is no secret that labor is our single biggest expense. Last year the average hotel in North America, according to data collected from thousands of medium- and full-service hotels by a popular industry partner, was right around 50 percent of total revenues.

Hospitality Financial Leadership – Creating Agreements vs. Having Expectations

There is a popular saying in American spurned on by the slogan for a doughnut and coffee chain, "America Runs on Dunkin'." In this piece I am going to write about another thing that our western culture runs on even more than coffee and doughnuts, and that's expectations.

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