Five Practices That Ensure Hoteliers Make the Most of Property Updates

Planning for a major property renovation can give any hotel management team a major headache. Still, keeping your hotel property fresh and inviting increases guest satisfaction, leading to more repeat customers, referrals and a major boost in revenue.

Proactive Disaster Planning Tips for Hotels and Resorts

No one relishes the thought of having a much-needed vacation destroyed by a hurricane, tornado or wildfire. For those in the hospitality business, natural disasters open the possibility of liability for guest injury.

5 Trends Shaping Your Hotel-Casino Revenue Strategy

For guests with extra funds and time, hotel-casinos are a lucrative attraction, and the destination appeal of casinos is profitable for tourism. As the hospitality industry incorporates more casinos, the reach of this entertainment form will grow.

How Hoteliers Can Benefit From Last-Minute Booking Apps

Guests have many spontaneous accommodation needs, and mobile apps are ready to meet them. It's becoming increasingly common to finalize plans on-the-go, as 31 percent of leisure travelers and 53 percent of business travelers have booked on a smartphone.

A Quick Introduction to Commercial Recreation and Tourism

As people have explored their options for unobligated time, many have realized the possibilities of travel and entertainment. With a growing demand for diversions, the commercial recreation and tourism industry has increased.

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