Putting Your Hotel at the Forefront of Innovation

These days, travel is anything but 'standard'. With the steady rise in boutique hotels, unique accommodations, innovative technology, luxury travel brands and a personalized guest experience, the hospitality industry has evolved into a truly exciting landscape.

Mobile Hotel Keys: The Key to Security and Efficiency

To provide great hospitality, hoteliers need to know what their guests want. And what guests want, now more than ever, is complete efficiency, control, and personalization — an experience that is both hands-on (with personal touches) and hands-off, with the latest technological innovations.

How to Pick the Right Mobile Key Technology for Your Hotel

Let's consider a familiar scene: You've just rolled your luggage into the hotel lobby after a long trip. As you eye the line at the front desk you silently hope the check-in process will be swift, so you can freshen up and get settled.

Invest in the Right Technology, and Your Guests Will Invest in You

Now more than ever, hoteliers are feeling the pressure to stay at the forefront of the latest, innovative technology trends. The ideology is simple: invest in the technological demands of your guest's evolving service expectations, and your guests will invest back in you.

Checking In: Ensure Your Hotel’s Success with These 3 Things

As a hotelier, there is simple, albeit crucial, understanding that should guide your on-going business approach: If you aren't looking to the future, you're probably already behind.

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