Is Hotel Technology Lagging Behind other industries?

For over a decade I have heard industry pundits, consultants, other experts, and myself say that the hospitality industry lags behind other industries in innovation, investment, and adoption of new technologies.

Cutting back on wait times: How hotels can save months of time with the right PMS

Apaleo’s Uli Pillau walks us through the criteria and benefits of choosing a PMS wisely.

It’s not worth the wait!

Someone recently told me that humans spend approximately six months of their lives waiting in line for things. Six full months. Those stats might double for hoteliers, if you consider the long wait times for getting a PMS live and the ridiculous queue for interface installations.

The One Thing Every Hotel Should Consider When Purchasing Hotel Technology

In-room, distribution, messaging, reservations, revenue management, chat, operational… the list of technologies that occupy hoteliers these days could go on and on. Evaluating each technology is just as complicated.

PMS Vendors, Tear Down This Wall!

While it is an obvious over-exaggeration to compare Ronald Reagan's famous "Tear Down This Wall" speech to a proverbial technology wall, hotel technology does come with many barriers. The barriers that property management systems have created (installation fees, long sales cycles, integration costs, long wait times for upgrades) leave hotels stuck with clunky, expensive software that doesn't always address their guests needs.