“It Would Be My Pleasure”

What do you do when Larry Csonka, two-time Super Bowl champion and MVP asks you to pack his favorite lunch for an afternoon of fishing at your all-inclusive island resort? Or when Steven Tyler, lead singer for Aerosmith, strolls into your off-the-beaten-path Hawaiian bar and asks for a private, out-of-the-way corner for him and his guests? You say, "It would be my pleasure.

K.N.O.W.ing Service and Creating Experiences

Do you remember your first job? My first real job was in the restaurant business. It was the summer of 1981 when I started as a dishwasher/busboy at a Bonanza Steakhouse chain in Marietta, Georgia. That was my introduction to the world of service.

Managing Authenticity: Is it Possible?

Imagine for a moment that you have many projects on your plate. Not hard to picture, is it? You know this is a great time to give members of your team opportunities to shine. Shanice and Randall come to mind as the ideal people to lead two new initiatives.

Authenticity Beats Customer Service Anytime

My wife and I love authentic experiences. There is nothing we enjoy more than experiencing food together. It's always more than the food itself. Like the time we were in Sheboygan, Wisconsin recently.