10 Social Media Best Practices for Small Businesses

It's fully apparent to small businesses that social media is important—more than 70% now utilize it as a marketing channel. However, figuring out exactly what works on social isn't as clear.

6 Big Takeaways from This Year’s TV Upfronts

The television upfronts are an odd thing for marketers. On one hand, they’re kind of antiquated: the idea of major advertisers and buyers gathering in person every year in New York to watch live presentations about the networks’ upcoming programming lineups feels a bit unnecessary in this digital age.

10 Reasons Marketers Should Embrace Stories on Social Media

Just as marketers are beginning to master the myriad of content options for social media posts—text, photos, slideshows, pre-recorded video, live streams, etc.—along comes something else: stories.

TikTok 101: Understanding the Rapidly Growing Social Network

As in life, the only constant with social media is change. Just as marketers were starting to feel comfortable with the current landscape, along has come a fresh, rapidly rising network: TikTok.

10 Great Mother’s Day Campaigns to Draw Inspiration From

Mother’s Day marketing paradoxically can be both easy and difficult for brands. On one hand, the holiday has so many well-established traditions—flowers, brunches, family celebrations, etc.—that pulling together an acceptable, innocuous campaign is relatively simple.

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