Two-Way Chat, A Game Changer for Guests—and Revenue

Consider most companies that are known widely for excellent customer service—think Zappos and Amazon—and you'll find two-way chat at the core of their customer service strategy. Customer service star and carmaker, Lexus, uses live video chat to help its clients customize cars entirely online as well as schedule test drives.

How Hotels Can Evolve and Reinvigorate Food & Beverage to Boost Profits and Elevate Guest Service

Just two years ago, Hotel Online reported that hotel food and beverage wasn't yet a thing of the past but that it appeared to be dying—that is unless hotels did something to revive it. Room service, the article reported, had become too costly and some hotels had taken to partnering with nearby restaurants for room service to cut down on the constant staffing it requires to keep food and beverage service in-house.

Guest Experience vs. Guest Engagement: Which Matters Most?

Imagine this: You begin planning a trip to New Mexico. You ask a friend who lives there where to stay in Santa Fe. The same day you notice on Facebook that another friend happens to be in Santa Fe right now and has tagged the beautiful hotel where she's staying.

Different Travelers Want Different Things - So How Do You Know What Hotel Technology You Need?

Many retail brands embrace generational marketing these days, breaking down their demographics and online/social media campaigns by what they know about baby boomers, Gen X, millennials, and the up-and-coming Gen Z generation, those born in the mid-1990s.

Weaving Your Way Through Vendor Madness: What Should the Perfect Hotel Tech Partner Look Like?

There's some truth to the increasingly ubiquitous saying that all companies are technology companies now. Certainly some more than others, but I'd say hotels have officially waded into—or, perhaps, been shoved in—to tech waters so deep that it's an apt notion worth considering every time a new technology vendor is up for consideration.

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