High Tech Enables High Touch Guest Service

Many luxury hotel brands pride themselves on their responsiveness and attentiveness to their guests - it's one of the hallmarks of what distinguishes them from other hotels. "High touch" has become synonymous with private concierges, VIP lounges, personal butler service, 24/7 room service, and a host of other exclusive features designed to attract the discerning traveler.

Humans and AI: How to Improve Guest Services in a New Collaborative Way

It's commonly known that assembly line workers often experience burnout from the repetitive, mind-numbing nature of their jobs. In their instance, though, there's not much they can do on the job to battle their burnout and job dissatisfaction that still allows them to retain their jobs.

Top 3 Technology Trends Casinos Should Watch for at 2019 Oi Summit

Across the country, casinos and resorts are being disrupted by innovative, connected, "always-on" technologies. This disruption has been led largely by guest demand. Guests have come to expect instant answers and service at their fingertips by way of their mobile phones.

Hotel Smartconcierges Going Mainstream

"Great customer service is […] a systematic reinvention of established technology, data, and operations — leveraging automation, data, and agents together to exploit each of their unique strengths." These were the words of Forrester Vice President and Principal Analyst for Application Development & Delivery Professionals, Kate Leggett, in the beginning of 2018.

Major Trends to Watch for at HSMAI NY Conference

As I think about what to get excited about at HSMAI's Digital Marketing Strategy Conference 2019 taking place later this month in New York, the fast-evolving guest experience comes to mind. And, of course, hotel guest experience in 2019 will be enabled by more and better technologies.

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