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A Thousand Words': Why Great Visuals Speak Directly, Fluently and Effortlessly

A Management Review Tool is an essential component of a Hotelier’s toolkit. With the evolution of online reviews, on-site plugins and social media, hoteliers have to constantly look at the big picture – who is talking about the brand? Where and what are they saying? From dedicated review sites to Meta Search platforms, the answer is multi-faceted and constantly changing.

RateGain's Top 12 Blogs of 2016

Are you looking for some great hospitality and travel technology blogs to add to your daily reading? Look no further because you have reached the right place! We have reviewed all our blog posts from the past year and have finally pulled together our final list, based on content quality, post frequency, reader involvement and social shares.

The Brilliant Hotelier: Face 2 Face with Ria Roberto, the Director of Revenue Management at Kenz Hotel Management, UAE

Experience true grandeur at the Al Manzel Hotel Apartments, right in the middle of the commercial district of Abu Dhabi, the city better known as ‘The Las Vegas of Middle Eastern Dubai’. This alluring property effortlessly captures the city’s essence, which reverberates in a bespoke and artistically stimulating ambiance.