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UNWTO Report 'Tourism in Africa: A Tool for Development'

UNWTO Report 'Tourism in Africa: A Tool for Development', published in close cooperation with Casa Africa, provides an overview of the current situation of tourism product development in Africa. Analyzing recent tourism performance across the African region, the Report demonstrates the importance of a well-defined strategy for tourism product development, proposes a UNWTO methodology for such development, and highlights some of the best African practices in this field.

Interviewing the CDO of Marriott International, Laurent de Kousemaeker

By Dr. Lily Lin

... Laurent de Kousemaeker is the Chief Development Officer of the Caribbean, Latin American Region at the Marriott International. He is an ambitious but charming business executive. Instead of going through the traditional hotel management career path and...

A day in the life of a reservationist

By Larry Mogelonsky

... With so much attention given to digital sales channels, we sometimes forget the power of a good salesperson — specifically, a reservationist. In an attempt to elucidate more about this crucial position, I sought out Jodi Tower, a senior reservation sales...