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Education & Professional Development

Embedding indigenous learning outcomes in a tourism curriculum: The case of Confederation College, Canada

Although hospitality and tourism students in business programs are taught to develop and market product that meets the needs of various demand segments by playing on the "authentic" cultural and heritage elements of destinations, they are rarely exposed to underlying justice and ethics concerns, especially as they pertain to Indigenous populations.

Using a grounded theory approach to understand the process of teaching soft skills on the job so to apply it in the hospitality classroom

In the competency research related to management, essential competencies include skills that can be classified as soft skills. This research seeks to better understand how soft skills are taught by managers on the job and to provide faculty with an understanding of this process so that faculty can replicate the efforts of managers.

Five Actions that Increase Organizational Performance: Insights from Three Hospitality Leaders

By Taylor Peyton and Shashan Bao Successful hospitality companies are masterful at caring for their guests, but do they sometimes fall short when it comes to caring for their own staff? People-related challenges to effective performance abound, particularly regarding attracting and retaining top talent.