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Paul Sarlas

Paul Sarlas was born in Sydney, Australia and was exposed to the hospitality industry from a young age, growing up in a family that owned and operated cafes and restaurants. Paul began his career in the family business, working in all aspects of the restaurant industry, whilst studying commercial cookery to become a qualified chef.

How to deal with bad online reviews

By Paul Sarlas

... The frequency with which potential guests read online feedback about restaurants before making decisions means that it's essential to manage a business's online reputation. In fact, this trend has spawned a new parasitic sub-industry – online reputation...

Getting Your SWOT Analyses Right

By Paul Sarlas

... In fact, most people carry out SWOT analyses very poorly, and they get them wrong, no, very wrong. Let me share with you why so many people mess up their SWOT analyses, and, more importantly, how to get them right. Getting SWOT Analyses WrongIn order...

Hotel GM and The Owner - Communication

By Paul Sarlas

... Carrying on from some previous posts, I have recently seen a small boutique hotels success being hindered through a difficult department head, who has direct relations and contact to the owner. This obviously a weapon against the General Manager. An owner,...