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External – Coronavirus: Impact on the Hospitality Industry

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Coronavirus: Impact on the Hospitality Industry

All eyes are on the spreading coronvirus, COVID-19. Here you can follow the development and the impact of the coronavirus on the Hospitality Industry. Visit the WHO | World Health Organization for more information about the virus.

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Grounded: The Future of Travel

Will the world start traveling again at the same pace, or will businesses discover the merits of virtual convening? Will the sharing economy ever fully recover? How does the cruise industry and low-cost leisure travel rebound in a world that demands social distance? Brian Chesky, Co-founder, CEO and Head of Community, Airbnb; Arnold W.

What It’s Like To Stay In A Luxury Hotel Right Now

Travel came to a standstill in the United States in March, as the coronavirus emptied roadways, attractions, restaurants, bars, hotels and the skies. But there's finally some movement. As the lockdown lifts in cities all over the globe, more and more hotels are reopening.

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Airbnb CEO: Travel may never be the same

Airbnb co-founder and CEO Brian Chesky told Axios in an interview that global travel may never fully recover, and that he sees a future where people travel much more within their own countries, possibly for longer stays.

The end of tourism?

Of all the calamities that befell tourists as the coronavirus took hold, those involving cruise ships stood apart. Contagion at sea inspired a special horror, as pleasure palaces turned into prison hulks, and rumours of infection on board spread between fetid cabins via WhatsApp.

Is It Safe To Stay In A Hotel, Cabin Or Rental Home Yet?

After nearly three months of quarantine, millions of Americansan overnight trip, a weekend getaway, a summer sojourn. With states reopening, that's now possible, with a caveat. Before coronavirus, few people likely thought twice about staying in a hotel room, rental home or cabin in the woods.

The Europe Travel Ban: What's Open And Who Can Travel

The 2020 Europe travel ban is a setback for world travelers and those with family on two continents. But borders within the European Union (EU) are starting to open for travel. EU residents initially have the most freedom to travel, which began on June 15, 2020.

Can Hotels Ever Have Enough Cleaning Standards?

Another day, another cleaning standard for the world hotel industry. Hotel companies around the world, from Hilton to Four Seasons, partnered with cleaning companies and health institutions in creating heightened health and safety standards analysts say are necessary to give guests the confidence to return to travel.

Airline stocks soar as Americans get ready to travel again

US airline stocks had an exceptionally strong week last week on rising hopes that summer travel would be better than originally feared.The nation's four major airlines, which had lost between 40% and 68% of their value year-to-date through the end of May, all posted solid gains last week, including a 77% jump at industry leader American Airlines (AAL) and a 19% gain at Southwest (LUV).

NYU Conference - June Virtual Panel

In addition to the onsite event in November, the Planning Committee developed a virtual version of the ever-popular CEOs Check In panel, which was broadcast on June 2 at 2 p.m. Moderated by Jonathan M.

Safety Is Now The Sexiest Word In Travel

Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts collaborating with Johns Hopkins Medicine International. Montage International teaming with primary care provider One Medical. For French hospitality company Accor, the partner is insurance firm AXA, and with Hilton, it's Lysol.

Is Travel Safe?

As states lift restrictions around the novel coronavirus, many of us are eagerly wondering: is it safe to travel right now? The answer depends on many variables, namely, how you plan to do so, where you want to go, the rates of infection in your chosen destination, and your anticipated behavior once you arrive.

Coronavirus To Wipe 20% Off Hotels’ Brand Valuations

The world's 50 most valuable hotel brands could see their "brand value" fall by 20% to a combined $70 billion this year due to the near-collapse of travel driven by the COVID-19 pandemic, with expectations for a long and difficult recovery, the consultancy Brand Finance estimates.

How COVID-19 Will Change Business Travel

Business travel has come to a halt during the COVID-19 pandemic, as stay-at-home restrictions have required companies to hold more virtual meetings. While the outbreak is not yet over, experts have started to project a potential rebound for corporate travel.

Emarketer’s Industry Voices: Marketing In Uncertain Times With Expedia

As we continue to navigate the rapidly shifting landscape and impacts of COVID-19, we are starting to see green shoots of traveler interest and intent returning. We have nearly a decade of experience supporting destinations in times of crisis, and while this global pandemic is unprecedented, we use the power of data and key learnings to help our advertising partners and the industry prepare for recovery.

OTAs search for silver lining

OTAs Expedia and have cut teams and each drawn in more than USD3bn, to give them enough cashflow to survive the coronavirus shutdown.The cutbacks and cash calls come as Expedia is already into a restructuring, under new leadership.

How We'll Travel This Summer

Travel this summer will be radically unlike what we've done in years past. But with temperatures rising, and national parks and theme parks slowly reopening, there's a glimmer of hope in the air. We might not be able to do that annual Europe trip or get the whole extended family together overseas, but there is still plenty to look forward to.

What U.S. States Are Open For Travel?

Most people will likely be staying closer to home for any summer travel plans. International travel isn't worth it this summer for many due to travel restrictions. However, some U.S. states are open for travel just in time for a summer road trip.

10 ways hotel stays will change after COVID-19

As the world slowly opens up again in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, our hotel stays are set to be organised differently. Some beloved practices have to be shelved - goodbye buffet breakfasts - and new protocols introduced to ensure that travellers and staff feel safe and protected.

What will hotel visits be like? Here’s your room-by-room look at the future

Hotels are cautiously reopening for the summer travel season, but it's anything but business as usual in the hospitality industry. Last week, the American Hotel & Lodging Association (AHLA) introduced its Safe Stay guidelines developed under the guidance of an advisory council that includes Accor, InterContinental Hotels Group, Marriot International, Omni Hotels & Resorts and Walt Disney.

Revenue managers predict how pricing tools will react

Hotel revenue managers have their work cut out for them now during the COVID-19 environment and once travel demand resumes. Veteran revenue managers have experienced downturns before and know the challenges that accompany them, but this time around, they will have artificial intelligence and machine-learning software to assist them in setting pricing strategies.

This airplane seat design helps you socially distance on board

(CNN) — No one quite knows what aviation will look like in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. There's talk of removing middle seats, compulsory face masks and full body disinfectioand aviation seat designers are experimenting with ways to make flying more appealing for concerned and conscientious passengers.

COVID-19 and hotels: What we’ve learned so far

As stay-at-home orders in states across the U.S. are expiring, the first weekend in May showed strong occupancy gains for hotels in markets with beach access. STR is certainly still some time away from calling this a recovery, but the data has been decidedly "less bad" over the past three weeks.

What to expect the next time you check in to a hotel

he plunge in hotel occupancy levels due to the coronavirus pandemic has forced the hospitality industry to unveil new cleaning standards and redesign parts of the hotel experience. As travelers venture back to hotels, the changes will be visible as soon as they enter the foyer.

What will staying in a hotel look like in the near future?

Goodbye, breakfast buffets and bellhop service. Hello, temperature screening and keyless check-in.While pandemic-era policies are still being developed at hotels around the globe and will no doubt vary widely, it's safe to say that guests will see big changes the next time they check in anywhere.

Human Behaviour After COVID-19

There is hope and an expectation that lives will return to normal after the quarantines loosen and "non-essential" businesses are allowed to open in the US and globally. Market participants believe that a $2 trillion dollar aid package is enough to float small and large businesses, as well as the 20%+ who are now unemployed — not to mention freelancers who do not qualify for unemployment and many who are underemployed.

Uber is developing tech to ensure drivers wear face masks

Uber is coming to terms with the new reality imposed by the COVID-19 pandemic, and it's using technology to make sure everyone adjusts. The company has confirmed to CNN Business that it's requiring face masks or similar coverings for both drivers and passengers in countries like the US, and is developing technology to detect whether or not drivers are abiding by those rules.

Why Hotel Designers Predict Bright Times Ahead

The global hotel industry will in all likelihood rebound quite nicely once things return to some sense of normalcy, according to top architects who specialize in hotel design. Given the current situation, hotels around the world are facing challenges the likes of which they've never experienced.

China welcomes tourism, consumption rebound under strengthened COVID-19 containment

The upcoming five-day International Labor Day holiday will be a "Golden Week" for tourism and consumption since China entered the phase of regular epidemic prevention and control. Although group tours across provinces are still suspended and outbound travel is discouraged, the number of domestic trips to be made in the holiday is estimated to be over twice the number of that made in the three-day Tomb-sweeping Day holiday in April.

How Can We Be Sustainable Post-COVID-19

As a travel journalist and someone who cares deeply about the future of our planet, the moral dilemma of air travel is something I constantly grapple with. I've reduced the number of trips I take, buy carbon offsets when I travel and focus my assignments on stories that allow me to tackle conservation issues whenever possible.

Where we're traveling next

Like most of the world, we here at CNN have been grounded for the past several weeks. For a team that covers travel daily, this has been a challenging time. Not for lack of news, but because most of us feel at home while on the road or in the sky.

Buy Now, Check In Later

In the absence of travel during the pandemic, hotels are asking travelers to plan future trips and sweetening the incentive by offering discounted gift certificates.

As business travel bottoms out, near-term optimism remains high

As we have watched travel come to a near standstill due to the COVID-19 pandemic, questions and opinions abound on how its effect will vary across different segments or categories. Will corporate or leisure travel return first? Will travel permanently become a smaller part of how the world does business?We have some hints as to how the business travel community is viewing the evolving situation, thanks to the Global Business Travel Association, which was quick to begin polling its membership on the crisis.

How Will COVID-19 Affect Future Travel Behavior? A Travel Crisis Expert Explains

Since 2007, the Tourism Crisis Management Initiative at the University of Florida has studied many disasters that have threatened the travel industry, from hurricanes to the Zika virus. Beginning in January, prompted by the coronavirus-related threat in China, it began a periodic survey of Americans who travel on their perceptions of risk and anxiety related to COVID-19, and the impact of those perceptions on future travel decisions.

The best travel books for when you're stuck at home

One of the best ways to use all those extra hours indoors is to settle down with a good book and dream of future adventures."Travel book" means so much more than a guidebook. Some people discover their dream destinations through fiction, others through food.

Where do we go from here? A look at the uncertain future ahead

First and foremost, the coronavirus crisis is a human tragedy. Our thoughts and concerns are with all of those affected, as well as front-line workers and colleagues facing uncertain futures. While caring for the sick and reducing community spread are the top priorities, now is also the time to look ahead and start planning for the tough road ahead.

What will travel look like after coronavirus?

As movement around the world grows more and more restricted, it's hard to imagine what travel will look like when it eventually ramps back up.The staggering global scale of the coronavirus pandemic makes it especially devastating, but the travel industry has rebounded from past crises and experts believe it will bounce back again.

How Travel Brands Are Approaching TV Advertising Now

While some travel sectors such as airlines have virtually eliminated U.S. national TV advertising because of the coronavirus pandemic, there are some companies that are outliers in that they quickly pivoted their spots, or keep running the routine ads at the risk of brand damage.

How To Plan Travel While Social Distancing

Traveling for leisure is on the back burner for the time being, but it doesn't mean you can't use the down time to start brainstorming and planning your next trips. In fact, savvy planners can score some good deals and give themselves something to look forward to without taking on a lot of risk.

The Latest On Which Airlines Are Still Flying And Why

This article from Friday pointed out that contrary to the expectations of many, there were still a huge number of flights operating around the globe. Incredibly, even as COVID-19 has shut borders and sent millions into self-isolation at home, you can book flights to a variety of destinations, and for the most part prices are good.

Marriott announces CEO Arne Sorenson's salary will be suspended for the rest of the year and senior executives' salaries will be reduced by 50% as the coronavirus ravages the hospitality industry

In a conference call with investors on March 19, Marriott's Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer Leeny Oberg announced that the company will suspend the salaries of President and CEO Arne Sorenson and Executive Chairman Bill Marriott for the balance of 2020 to offset revenue losses due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Top Five New York City Virtual Cultural Experiences

Despite much of the world remaining on lockdown, people's thirst for culture has not diminished one bit. In fact, one could argue that it has grown stronger than ever the result of everyone searching for ways to occupy their time, and online cultural experiences can fill the void.

China, Italy KPIs portend tough times for US hotels

The COVID-19 impact is now clearly visible in U.S. hotel performance metrics. For the week ending 14 March, revenue per available room declined 32.5%. It is fair to assume that this is the beginning of a long slide in demand and RevPAR as Americans practice social distancing and stay off the road.

What to Do When Your Flight Is Canceled or Delayed

It's no secret that sometimes, travel can get complicated. But do you know what to do when a flight is canceled or delayed? Considering the number of people who now travel by air daily, it's probable that at some point you—or someone you know—will get hit with a flight delay or cancellation and you should be prepared.

Covid-19: Advice from the past

He used to think "Why is it always me?" It seemed that no matter where he was stationed, hotelier Markus Platzer, currently general manager of Washington's Willard InterContinental, found himself in crisis situations.

The Coronavirus Effect: Latest Trends And How To Respond

The growing international coronavirus health crisis is dramatically affecting consumer travel around the world, and global travel brands are feeling the impact most directly. As travel cancellations mount and travel to certain regions becomes more severely affected, travel brands should monitor the situation and smartly adjust their marketing spends to maximize their effectiveness during this unique event.

Digital marketing in the age of coronavirus - what travel brands need to know

As markets around the world reel from the turmoil of the COVID-19 coronavirus, companies of all sizes are feeling the effects - perhaps none more so than those in and adjacent to the travel industry.The crisis is forcing companies to reevaluate many aspects of their financial plans for the foreseeable future and - particularly for those operating in the B2C space - to reassess their digital marketing strategies such as paid search.

Global travel slowdown means lots of deals

(CNN) — Coronavirus has no doubt put the travel industry into a tailspin. Airlines alone could lose $113 billion in sales if the virus continues to spread, according to the International Air Transport Association.

Why Asia Is Still the Future of Travel in a Post-Coronavirus World

Skift founder and CEO Rafat Ali talks candidly with travel industry leaders about facing challenges and creating new opportunities in this new one-on-one interview series. As travel grapples with, and recovers from, the coronavirus crisis, Ali explores with executives how to lead a comeback, what lessons the past teaches us, and what are the smartest paths forward.

What Airlines Are Doing To Sanitize Planes

(CNN) — As new cases of novel coronavirus are growing, the travel industry iwith vacationers and business people debating whether or not to cancel or postpone trips, and some countries, including the US, implementing travel restrictions.

Coronavirus – Now Is Not The Time To Panic…

What is Coronavirus? A coronavirus is a type of virus. As a group, coronaviruses are common across the world. Typical symptoms of coronavirus include fever and a cough that may progress to a severe pneumonia causing shortness of breath and breathing difficulties.

Coronavirus: Your Rights As A Traveller

With new cases of the coronavirus being diagnosed in more and more locations, it's hard to predict where it will pop up next. But one thing is for certain: the disease has already become a nightmare for travellers and the tourism industry alike.

Coronavirus upends revenue management strategies for hotels and airlines

The impact of the coronavirus is shifting daily, as the number of confirmed cases and deaths continues to rise and governments and companies around the globe take steps to address the epidemic.Now officially named COVID-19 (Corona Virus Disease '19) by the World Health Organization, the virus has killed nearly 1,400 people and infected more than 60,000, with 447 cases outside China, based on figures released the World Health Organization Thursday.

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