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Opinion Articles – Coronavirus: Impact on the Hospitality Industry

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Coronavirus: Impact on the Hospitality Industry

All eyes are on the spreading coronvirus, COVID-19. Here you can follow the development and the impact of the coronavirus on the Hospitality Industry. Visit the WHO | World Health Organization for more information about the virus.

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Gaming CEO Pay, Calm Before the Strom

By Keith Kefgen

The end of 2019 ushered in a banner year. Valuations where high and deals were getting done (Penn National & BarStool, Caesars & Eldorado) among them. Then the world changed overnight. Panic in the public markets ensued and valuations plummeted (Penn National went from $49 to $4 in March).

The Future of Hotel Technology: Part 1

By Simone Puorto

COVID-19 has changed everything. But bear with me, this isn't another "COVID has created a new paradigm" article. Yet, COVID is simply the perfect example to understand how hospitality is changing and has been changed by technology at an unprecedented pace.

Hotel Technology Tradeshows Now More Vital Than Ever

By Larry Mogelonsky

The need for viral safety has made technology inescapable for hotels. With all the new protocols for self check-in, mobile room keys, physical distancing, contact tracing, prearrival virus screenings (staff and guests), contactless transactions and rigorously itemized cleaning checklists, and with less revenue to go around due to the lack of groups, the only way to stay profitable is through continued automation.

Current Pandemic an Opportunity for African Hotel Management Company Selection & Negotiation

By Wayne Troughton

HTI Consulting recently launched a new report on hotel operator selection and management contract negotiation in Africa, providing various invaluable insights into the selection process as well as important analysis on contract contents, trends, benchmarks and negotiation techniques for owners in Africa.

How Software Resolves COVID-Related Personnel Issues

By Larry Mogelonsky

With the new safety guidelines from COVID-19, hotels have been mandated to disrupt, reconfigure and combine many operations, as well as do all this with a reduced staff to lower labor costs. This has created a tremendous burden for property teams; frontline employees are oftentimes overworked and potentially unfamiliar with the latest procedures, while supervisors are likewise spread thin and without a means of verifying proper training.

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The Big Rethink Agenda: HR, Leadership and Crisis Management

By Thomas Mielke

Throughout the summer months, AETHOS has been inviting human resources executives to participate in one-on-one conversations as well as online roundtable discussions. The purpose has been to have an open and unbiased forum to be able to share concerns, ideas or challenges with impartial industry executives as it relates to talent management and leadership aspects within one's own organization.

A Passionate Professional from Puglia has a face-to-face with the Pandemic! Lessons from Italy

By L. Aruna Dhir

The current Pandemic is behaving whimsically with different people! Himmat Anand, a hotel owner friend has been sticking to his promise of reopening his Tree of Life resorts one after the other. He is also opening new resorts in a couple of locations in the portfolio of his second brand of hotels - A Dog's Story.

The Recovery Period Time for Hospitality Sector

By Korosh Farazad

As we all know, the COVID-19 pandemic has severely affected the world economy. No industry can escape the disruption of COVID-19, hotel sector being the most and deeply affected. Many hotels are shutting their doors since March 2020 and where we can see the dramatic declined in RevPAR.

Weekend Plans, Anyone?

By Noelle Homsy

I started writing this piece, my first ever on LinkedIn, back in February. Governments had just begun banning citizens and residents of highly infected cities from entering what they believed was a "safer" country.

Four Interior Design Trends for the Post-Pandemic Hotel

By Larry Mogelonsky

Once the greenlight was given, all businesses looked to reopen as quickly as possible after the lockdown. This has resulted in countless slapdash efforts for achieving the minimum of viral safety compliance, with most structural upgrades meant as only temporary installations and most of them particularly garish at that.

Adjusting Asset Management Staffing Strategies

By David Mansbach

The hotel industry faces an extraordinary challenge today: how to operate a hotel in the "new normal." With the near future so cloudy, it is close to impossible to effectively set accurate property and company forecasts; at this time occupancies and revenue per available room numbers are at painfully inadequate levels.

Can Hotels Create Convergence Economies?

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced us to question the way our economy and society have operated for centuries. Since the onset of the first Industrial Revolution more than 200 years ago, the Western economic model of hyper competition and continuous growth has achieved global dominance - this holds true even in the hotel industry.

The Revitalized Need for Post-COVID Security Technology

By Larry Mogelonsky

Contactless technologies became mission critical as a way to solve many of the issues created by the coronavirus crisis. As we transition from the pandemic into the next normal of semi-permanent viral safety upgrades and the dominance of regional travel, it's important to consider the long-term ramifications of so many people furloughed or unemployed by the pandemic.

Time to Open Up the Buffets

By Chuck Kelley

The buffet has been an integral part of many restaurant and other hotel food operations. For now, the buffet is just taking up space - an ugly reminder of better times. Buffets have a unique appeal to many customers if for no other reason than the visual of the food display - so many options for one set price.

The Roger Smith Hotel and the New Working-from-a-Hotel Model

By Larry Mogelonsky

Who is Roger Smith? As the hotel's Director of Marketing and Co-Owner, John Knowles, jocularly explained during our time together, the enigmatic 'Roger' is many things to many people. The personified alias that has given this Midtown Manhattan property its name has always represented a place where great ideas are born and where bold actions are made reality.

5 Considerations for a First Time Hotel Buyer

By Jon Peck

The shocking decrease in demand created by COVID-19 crippled balance sheets and sidelined many of the traditional hotel buyers such as hotel REITs, current owners, and Private Equity groups. As liquidity pressure mounts on current owners, quality hotel opportunities are certainly going to come on the market (or off-market) at deep discounts, but the window of opportunity is likely to be brief.

Through August, Greater Boston Lodging Market Ranks as the Hardest Hit by Pandemic

By Sebastian Colella

The Greater Boston market has experienced a 71% decline in room revenue through August when compared to the same time last year, the largest decline of all top-25 markets according to STR. Hotels in Boston and Cambridge, as well as those in the Greater Boston area, began to feel the effects of the ongoing pandemic in early March, before many markets around the country.

The Battle For Virus Prevention In Hotels

By Brian Shedd

When hoteliers of the future look back on the year 2020, it will be largely a study of the battle for virus prevention in hotels. COVID-19 aka the "Novel Coronavirus" has decimated the American economy and by association the hospitality industry.

The Rebound of Business Travel Post COVID-19

By Korosh Farazad

Since the COVID-19 pandemic outbreak at the start of this year, the world experienced national lockdown where business travel has ground to a halt. Business travellers are forced to move rapidly from face to face meetings and events to virtual platforms such as zoom and Microsoft Team and other apps that keep popping up.

Duty of Care Benchmarking Tool

For any organization, "Duty of Care" is the obligation to avoid or diminish any reasonably foreseen harm to customers and employees resulting from exposure to the coronavirus that causes COVID-19. This obligation includes reducing or eliminating the spread of the disease.

Pre- and Post-COVID Travel Preferences

By Linda Canina

COVID-19 has disrupted travel and the hospitality industry like no other historical event. As travel slowly resumes in the US under strict government guidelines, our survey results suggest that travel-related businesses like hotels are now serving a more cautious guest who appreciates mask wearing, social distancing, and increased cleaning.

Can Hoteliers Afford to Ignore Google in the Post-Crisis Era?

By Max Starkov

With all the heated discussions about Google dominating travel and increasing calls by industry pundits and experts to lessen hospitality's dependency on the search giant, one thing is for certain: cash-strapped hoteliers today simply cannot just pause or abandon their marketing presence on Google.

2021 Hotel Forecast

By Bob Rauch

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused unprecedented disruption to the hospitality industry, so when it comes to mapping a post-pandemic recovery, it's clear that we are in uncharted territory. The Lodging Conference hosted Bernard Bauhmohl, Chief Economist of the Economic Outlook Group.

Revenue Optimization in the “New Abnormal”

By Juli Jones

HSMAI's Revenue Optimization Advisory Board members spent time recently updating their dashboard of the top issues facing hotels and the professionals leading revenue optimization efforts. Surprisingly, the issues themselves haven't changed dramatically since their last "scouting" exercise conducted in December 2019, but the context has certainly shifted in the "new abnormal.

African Hotel Reopening Strategies And Recovery Responses

By Wayne Troughton

Leading hospitality advisory and brokerage consultancy, HTI Consulting recently hosted its second Pan-African 'Virtual Hotel Club,' a digital forum that saw the operations directors from major brands active in the African hotel space share their unique insights around hotel re-opening strategies and 'lessons learnt' during the current global pandemic.

The WFH Culture

By Shalloo Dhillon

The one thing that the ongoing pandemic has made popular is the Concept of WFH (Work from Home). WFH has always been a part of most industries seeking flexible working methods but the lockdowns at the beginning of the Virus outbreak made this concept the only option for organizations across the globe.

The Hospitality Industry’s Perspective on the New Normal

By Omar Issa

Mr. Omar Issa will be speaking on this topic on day two of the 16th edition of the Arabian Hotel Investment Conference (AHIC), taking place in a brand new format with live onsite and virtual sessions over three days from 29 September – 1 October.

What Summer Search Data Really Tells Us About Post-COVID Travel

By Larry Mogelonsky

Travel behavior in the summer of COVID-19 has been erratic and still has a long way to go until it returns to pre-pandemic levels. However, the search data during this recovery period can offer strong clues as to what customers will want from their hotel experiences in the next normal so that operators can adjust their businesses accordingly.

Insights on International Hospitality Executive recruitment In the context of the COVID-19 crisis

By Helene Bouyer

As an Executive Search firm, specializing in the Hospitality industry, Tovalea team members have been in close contact with a number of clients and candidates during the Covid-19 crisis. Valérie Bisch recently published an interesting article about the trends - French speakers, please do not hesitate to visit our website (link below).

The Role Of Technology In Managing Operational Complexities In The COVID-19 Era

By Soenke Weiss

The hospitality sector has been hard hit by the COVID-19 pandemic as we saw hotels around the world forced to close their doors for an uncertain and extended period of time. Hotels have used lockdown to prepare for reopening, taking into account new protocols and cleaning procedures so that guests and employees are confident to return.

Verified Clean Technologies as the Necessary Step to Bring Groups Back

By Larry Mogelonsky

Staycations and drive-market getaways have become the going trends to help revitalize leisure travel for a summer season where we are still battling COVID-19. But most hotels don't build and grow rate from fully independent travelers alone, nor can they keep their ledgers in the black without midweek occupancy during off-peak periods.

‘What Are You Trying to Say?’

By Conor Kenny

When a sudden and unexpected storm hits our shores, our business and our brand, how we communicate and what we say, becomes even more important. What we see, what we hear, what we believe, depends on where we stand.

Value Reigns in the Hotel Recovery Phase

By Larry Mogelonsky

The summer of COVID-19 for hotels has meant a dominance of local leisure guests and road trips as we await the return of group travel to boost our occupancies and our margins. With the approaching next normal of autumn, winter, more properties reopening and less overall desirability for a vacation to a domestic location during the colder months, it would be all too easy to succumb to a price war.

HVS Monday Musings: The Onus lies with Us – Rebuilding Trust to Get Back Guests to Eat & Stay With Us!

After a prolonged lockdown, our industry is gradually picking up the threads and rekindling operations with one of the immediate tasks being rebuilding guest confidence and trust. This is easier said than done as the guests are more cautious than ever and are watching closely! No amount of third-party certification will get you a repeat purchase if the guest does not feel 'safe' within your premises.

In Jittery Times, This Asset Class is Steady

By David Eisen

It's U.S. Open week. The top golfers in the world convene just outside New York City at Winged Foot Golf Club (no fans allowed) where they will compete for a major title and all the prestige and money that comes with it.

Hotel Cleanliness Policies in the Time of COVID-19

By Christian Cross

COVID-19 has posed challenges never seen before by the hotel industry, requiring owners, managers, and brands to take new precautions to keep both guests and staff safe. The industry faced the added challenge of not only creating a safe lodging environment but also creating the impression of security to give guests the confidence to travel again.

Avoiding a Hotel Shutdown Calls for Compliance Technology

By Larry Mogelonsky

Having all suffered through the global travel lockdown this past spring, the scariest thought now is a reentry into pandemic conditions due to a second wave of the coronavirus. We're already seeing this pattern emerge in states like Arizona, Florida and Texas, and with the virus still very active in many other countries, every hotel needs to do its part to prevent a localized COVID-19 resurgence.

What hotels can learn from Airbnb’s response to the COVID-19 crisis

By Matthieu Mauguin

For most hoteliers, Airbnb represents more of a threat than a role model. In its twelve years of existence, the Californian company has reshaped the world of travel like no one ever before. Indeed, by introducing a new type of accommodation, namely short-term rentals from person to person, the co-founders of Airbnb have challenged some of the age-old principles of the hotel business.

COVID-19: Voice of Consumers on Travel & Hospitality

By Alan Young

It's a Tuesday evening, and you wait at the curb for your Uber. The app prompts you with a reminder that riders must wear a mask, and you sort through your bag to make sure you packed one. As you strap on your mask, your driver pulls up, and you duck into the backseat, where you spot a hand sanitizer bottle in the cupholder.

Seizing The Recovery: 3 Key Marketing Strategies Every U.S. Hotel Owner Should Consider This Fall

By Martin Verdon-Roe

It has been six months since COVID-19 was declared a pandemic and the U.S. hotel industry was faced with an unprecedented loss of demand. Since then we have been leveraging the advantage of being the world's largest travel platform to understand the speed of recovery, and driving critical insight into how, when and where consumers are planning their next trip.

Handling Online Hotel Reviews in COVID-19

By Susan Barry

These are some of the more extreme examples of online reviews that have been written about hotels since the COVID-19 pandemic began. Even if your hotel hasn't been put on blast for following local mandates, you have probably noticed an uptick in negative reviews and complaints.

Can RoomOrders kill COVID-19?

By Eugene B. Jones

A friend of mine who is high up in the finance world said congratulations to me the other day. He said he noticed in the media that RoomOrders appeared to be doing well in these dire circumstances and that he takes his hat off to me.

Guest Software Essential for a Reservations-Only Restaurant Culture

By Larry Mogelonsky

In the midst of the summer of COVID, most patrons relish the chance to comfortably eat outside on a restaurant patio, all adequately physically distanced from other customers. Barring a few staunch objectors, others who would prefer to be seated indoors can empathize with the present state of affairs and bite the bullet.

Innovative Ideas for Keeping Guests Safe During the Pandemic

By David Berger

With the COVID-19 pandemic continuing to impact occupancy rates of hotels across the U.S., hoteliers are doing what they can to signal to travelers that their properties are taking every precaution to keep them safe, but this messaging — even with the continued support of brands and industry associations — is often inconsistent with the narrative consumers are hearing from other sources.

Las Vegas COVID-19 Pandemic Update

By Shannon S. Okada

The Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority (LVCVA) reported that the number of visitors to Las Vegas in June and July of 2020 totaled 2,503,100, which represented a 65.7% decrease from 7,293,300 visitors in June and July of 2019.

Interview with Hospitality Influencer Michael Caruso

By Kal MacDonald

As we reach six months into the COVID-19 pandemic, the state of hospitality has remained the same. Our industry is the first to get hit and the last to recover. Some properties are partially open, others are temporarily closed, while a few have not survived and shut their doors permanently.

Shared Commitment is Key to a Green Hospitality Recovery

By Willy Legrand

The Great Lockdown is often referred to by economists to explain the double upheaval taking place in the global economy where (1) businesses had to slow down or stop their activities causing a (2) collapse in the consumption (and business investments) across all spheres of society looking towards an uncertain future.

Autumn Offers Worth Driving For

By Larry Mogelonsky

This is the summer for staycations. With group, convention and most corporate travel in stall mode due to COVID-19, you will need strong programs in place to motivate leisure guests from now-critical drive markets to continue to book with you through the autumn months.

Hotel Operations Have Changed, But the Importance of Communication Has Not

By Andrada Paraschiv

There is a radical change in the way the hospitality industry is operating compared to the last decade. From shifting guests away from the front desk and favoring mobile check-in to new sanitization regulations that call for constant vigilance, it can be a lot for any organization to process and maintain consistency ― particularly right now as guidelines and state regulations are subject to abrupt changes.

Hotel Operators Adapt and Survive in 2020

By Robert Mandelbaum

Faced with the greatest declines in revenue since the 1930s, U.S. hotel operators in 2020 have demonstrated their historical ability to adapt to difficult market environments and squeeze the greatest efficiencies from their operations.

How travel will be bought and sold in August 2021, Part 1

By Arnie Weissmann

Ashlock made the point near the beginning of a webinar organized by ASTA on Aug. 24, the day before its Global Live conference began. He joined CNN executive travel editor Brekke Fletcher, Afar editor in chief Julia Cosgrove and Wall Street Journal travel editor Scott McCartney for a panel discussion on "The Future of Travel Distribution.

The great hospitality reset

By Matthieu Mauguin

Do you ever feel like time can go by at different speeds? While on vacation, an entire week may go by in a few hours, whereas, at work, a bad day can sometimes feel interminable. This is often described as the elasticity of time, which is strictly a matter of perception: your brain either produces stimulants, which cause an overestimation of the flow of time, or depressants/anesthetics which have the opposite effect.

Take Local to the Extreme

By Larry Mogelonsky

Prior to COVID, hoteliers all over the world were already working on various programs to support local businesses and showcase the best of the community to guests. Now that the pandemic is practically locking out international travelers, the push for drive market customers and 'local everything' has bloomed exponentially.

What Are You Grateful For?

By Shep Hyken

I depart from my typical customer service articles to write something that falls into the motivational category. I was on a Zoom meeting with some of my colleagues in the speaking profession. All of these people are brilliant and hearing how they have navigated the COVID-19 pandemic has been fascinating.

What A Difference A Year Makes

By Bob Rauch

When I wrote an article on business plan development for 2020 suggesting flat occupancy and rate, I stated, "Naturally, the caveat is that unexpected 'event' that could stimulate a precipitous decline in demand.

Navy Pier Closure: A Cause for Concern?

By Joseph Hansel

On August 18th, Navy Pier Inc. ("NPI") announced a temporary closure beginning September 8th—immediately following Labor Day weekend. Operations are intended to resume sometime in spring 2021. Suspending operations at Navy Pier not only stops visitation, but also the operation of the 70 businesses operating on the pier.

A “New Normal” for Travel Influencers

By Mike Keriakos

Pre-COVID-19, the majority of hoteliers' sentiments could be captured in this one quote from an Atlantic Monthly article published in 2019: “Everyone with a Facebook these days is an influencer. People say, I want to come to the Maldives for 10 days and will do two posts on Instagram to like 2,000 followers.

What Hotels Will Look Like in a Post-COVID World

By David Eisen

For hoteliers and hotel investors, COVID-19 has rushed through the industry like a flood. Without a doubt, it will leave hotels forever transformed in its wake. As the virus subsides, it will reveal a transformed landscape, and hotels will need to adjust to move operations to higher ground.

Ripe for Rebound: A Safe and Digitally Connected Future

By David Millili

Around the world, people have become increasingly invested in discussions surrounding "the next normal" because, as we know, 2020 has been anything but 'normal.' As global communities continue implementing measures to mitigate the continued spread of COVID-19 and, hopefully, get ahead of the pandemic to protect already fragile healthcare systems and declining economies, we face a period of drastic change.

Adapting EHL’s Practical Arts Pedagogy To New COVID-Secure Measures

By Beatrice Venturini

An interview with senior lecturer, Cyrille Lecossois, who teaches culinary arts and the Research & Development programs at EHL. He explains the significant and successful changes that have been implemented post-COVID-19 in order to guarantee safety at the school in all areas relating to his teaching practice.

10 leading PMS providers share their views and thoughts on how PMS will change in the post-COVID era

By Henri Roelings

Over the last five months, the social and economic implications of the coronavirus pandemic have been far-reaching, and, in many respects, the hospitality industry bore the brunt of the impact. Facing extensive travel restrictions and widespread uncertainty surrounding the safety of travel, hoteliers had to quickly pivot their offering to adapt to 'the new normal.

How to Stay Safe While Staying Open

By Christopher Horn

Deciding to close or remain open during a pandemic can be one of the most difficult decisions a hotel company will ever have to make, especially if multiple assets are involved. Many factors need to be analyzed, including the financial, brand, and human resources sides of the business to determine which action is the most fiscally responsible.

How Hospitality Can Get Back To Business

By Chekitan S. Dev

A few months ago, travel forecasts were optimistic, growing, carefree. Consider the following developments: New brands were being introduced at a never before seen pace (e.g., Hilton's Tru and MOTTO, IHG's Avid and VOVO), Existing brands were being upgraded, new companies were getting into the travel business (e.

The Owner’s Obligation – Cash

By Robert Mandelbaum

The COVID-19 virus has had an extreme negative impact on the U.S. lodging industry. According to CBRE's June 2020 edition of Hotel Horizons®, lodging demand in the U.S. will decline by 37.0 percent in 2020.

It’s Becoming Survival of the Fittest

By Bob Rauch

Prepare your operations to meet what guests are looking for, and prepare your teams for the realities of today's environment. Mike Ditka, former NFL star player and coach once said, “Success is not permanent, and failure is not fatal.

Pandemic Pricing Principles for Hotels

By Vikram Singh

This is my second pandemic-themed article, following the last magnum opus on Hotel Marketing and Revenue Management in the Time of Pandemic. I was definitely hoping for things to be better by now. I still have a lot of optimism.

Dining’s Digital Moment

By Nick Shay

According to The Treasury, UK diners used the government's "eat out to help out" scheme more than 10.5 million times in its first week. And early indications are that this scheme, combined with the recent warm weather, has had an immediate effect in driving an increase in footfall to restaurants, cafes, and pubs during the early to mid-week period- typically the quietest days.

It’s Time for the Hospitality Industry to Build Back Better

By Brendan Griffith

Over the last several months, the hospitality industry has experienced the ongoing, negative impact of COVID-19. It has often felt as if someone pushed 'pause' on our day-to-day lives and businesses. Yet amidst the turbulence, there has never been a more unique time to hit the 'reset' button as a company and an industry.

Handling Online Hotel Reviews in COVID-19

By Susan Barry

"Safety precautions and staff wearing PPE made me feel like everyone there had leprosy." - "They didn't have valet parking, supposedly because of COVID. I don't recommend you stay there." - "Hotel went overboard on COVID preparedness.

Top 3 Hotel Operators Post-COVID and Why?

By Korosh Farazad

It's been a few months where hospitality, entertainment, and leisure venues shut their doors in the UK and most part of the world. However, in July 2020, UK, European & global hotel, and hospitality had started planning for a 'new normal' reopening of their businesses.

Ripe for Rebound: Reimagining Hotel Touchpoints

By David Millili

In many ways, the hospitality industry is founded on high touch interactions. Beyond the obvious appeal of an ideal location, the experience of a new culture, or a momentary 'pause' or escape from everyday life, much of the guest travel experience is defined by the services they experience.

NOW is the Time to Tap Top Talent in Hospitality

By David Berger

Success in hospitality has always focused on finding talented workers with a hospitality mindset and a desire to pursue personal growth. These workers thrive in a hotel environment, where they can tap into the industry's nearly limitless opportunities for growth potential.

Hotel Revenue Management in Times of Covid-19

By Patrick Landman

The unofficial definition of Revenue Management used by insiders is 'the art of turning away business'. This certainly does not apply during the current Covid-19 (coronavirus) global healthcare crisis, and the economic downturn the hotel industry is facing in its aftermath.

Reactivating the Caribbean during the COVID-19 Pandemic

By Kristina M. D'Amico

The top priority for all islands in the region has been a focus on residents and the public health issues at hand. Upon knowledge of the COVID-19 pandemic, each island immediately closed its borders, which allowed for a very low number of cases in the region so that the islands could focus on containing the virus transmission without any additional entrants.

Tourism Tidbits: Travel Rage in a Time of Pandemics

By Peter Tarlow

During the last decade, tourism officials have noted the evolution of various types of angers among those in the general public and especially among those in the traveling public. These angers first became apparent in the form of road rage then became air-rage, morphed into full-blown travel rage, with verbal anger at times turning into physical violence.

Q2 2020 Major US Hotel Sales Survey

By Daniel H. Lesser

The year 2020 will not be soon forgotten as the spread of COVID-19 and society's reaction to the virus have combined to devastate the global economy. U.S. GDP in the second quarter declined by 32.9 percent on an annualized basis, the most significant quarterly decline observed since the 1940's.

How F&B Service Will Change Post-COVID

By David Eisen

As COVID-19 plows through the hospitality industry, it's carving new paths to profit along the way. Moving forward, hotel food and beverage (F&B) services will be among the most transformed departments in the post-COVID-19 world.

Thinking for Yourself May Be the Only Regimen for a Full Recovery - Part II

By Steven Ferry

"Withholding information is the essence of tyranny. Control of the flow of information is the tool of the dictatorship." - Bruce Coville. [Preamble of 110 words] Last week, we looked at how the official response to the pandemic morphed from great concern about the danger; to numbness at the economic devastation (the UN World Tourism Organization estimated earnings down 80% on 2019 and the loss of 120 million jobs); to increasing rejection of the absurd.

Ripe for Rebound: The Future of Hospitality

By David Millili

They say that smooth seas do not make for skillful sailors, and indeed, over the past several months, that belief has been put to the test. As global communities continue to work tirelessly to combat the spread of the coronavirus, the hospitality industry has been placed in an incredibly vulnerable position.

5 Reasons Guests Matter More Than Ever

By David Berger

Providing a quality guest experience is more important than ever for hoteliers seeking to compete in the post-COVID-19 world. Much has been said over the past six months about social distancing, mask etiquette, and the need for greater vigilance in protecting public health.

The Impact of COVID-19 on the South Korea Hotel Industry

HVS has conducted a survey about the COVID-10 pandemic and its unprecedented impact on the South Korea hotel market. The survey is divided in two sections, how the properties in South Korea is reacting in response to drop of overall demands throughout contingency plans and viewpoint of how experts in the hotel operations are recognizing sign of recovery of pandemic as well as their outlook of the market in the future.

How Housekeeping Opt-Out Might Change Post-Coronavirus

By Larry Mogelonsky

After COVID-19 has subsided, the housekeeping department will be front and center of the new normal hotel experience. Anxious guests will seek out those properties that can give them peace of mind by guaranteeing their safety through heightened cleanliness procedures, and at the same time there may new regulations coming to mandate stricter sanitization protocols.

It’s Okay, To Not Be Okay

By Prince A. Sanders

You've heard the story over and over. We are faced with the most fatal pandemic of our lifetime. A city closes, re-opens, and then it closes again because it re-opened too soon. You have been impacted by job loss or experienced a significant decrease in salary.

Industry Report: Hotel Investment Scene In Central & Eastern Europe

By Kimberly Yoong

Central & Eastern Europe (CEE) may have, in the past, been perceived as a relatively unstable investment region, especially for the risk averse. However, record hotel investment volumes in the last years have proven otherwise, as investors begin looking to hotel real estate in the region, drawn by the relatively higher returns of hotels and more attractive yields compared to western Europe, which are typically more compressed.

Preparing for Increasing Wellness Demand Amid Layers of Global Turmoil

By Mia Mackman

The massive convergence of social, financial, and personal changes we have experienced in recent months can be overwhelming. This article provides a breakdown of underlying dynamics I expect will impact the future of hospitality, hotels, resorts and mixed-use spa and wellness facility demands in the months and years ahead.

Welcome Back Guests with Certainty

By Kristen Sullivan

With travel resuming after the unprecedented COVID-19 pandemic, travelers are looking for newly implemented safety procedures when determining which hotels to patron. More companies are taking the approach of digitalizing certain aspects of their business to create a contact-less experience that guests will appreciate.

Post-Pandemic Healthy Hotels and Resorts

By Tim Lemons

As we find ourselves halfway through the year 2020, you must admit the days are often filled with a multitude of emotions that range from frustration and apprehension, to optimism with moments of joy, and then right back to frustration in the form of panic and concern.

How Hotel Asset Managers Can Create/Add Value To PE Funds During A Pandemic

By Alex Sogno

The damage inflicted by COVID-19 cannot be underestimated, it is imperative that hotel owners, including Private Equity (PE) funds stay vigilant and have aligned interests with all concerned parties. What better way than to engage the likes of a Hotel Asset Manager (HAM) who is an extension of the PE fund with relevant industry know-how and expertise.

Relieving the Overwhelmed with COVID Response Hotel Software

By Larry Mogelonsky

Getting back into operational shape following the pandemic shutdowns will require many new procedures for most every one of your departments. A chief worry is that it will be too much too fast for your managers and that this will either compromise service delivery or even demoralize team members leading to other problems down the road.

Our Own Iron Curtain

By Benoit Gateau-Cumin

Welcome back: we finally did it. The rest of the world (or, at least, the part worth visiting and conducting business with) is closing its borders to anyone proudly carrying a US Passport. What used to be a door opener and a cause for respect worldwide has become a scarlet letter.

The Future of Hotel F&B - Post COVID-19

By Jean-Michel Dixte

The winds of change have never blown so fiercely - ripping and tearing through our communities, our businesses, and our lives - feeding on disruption in the midst of chaos and leaving millions of people reeling in shock.

Is the Hotel Industry About to Self-Destruct? Media Exposes Shocking Hotel Fails and Growing Guest Distrust

By Alan Young

At the onset of the pandemic, the fall-out was immediate; in the span of a few weeks, hotel lobbies and airport terminals that were once bustling with travelers were left empty. Fear and distrust spread quickly, as did the realization that international travel may be off the table for an extended period of time.

Hotel Insurance Costs on the Rise

By Robert Mandelbaum

As of the writing of this article we are in the early stages of evaluating the impact of the COVID-19 virus on the U.S. lodging industry. Owners and operators are discussing the potential use of business interruption insurance (BI) to cover expected losses in profits.

Franchise and Management Disputes in the Time of COVID

By Robert E. Braun

If you are reading this, you are almost certainly in the hospitality industry, and you are most likely in a financial and emotional distress. During trying times, hotel owners rely more than ever on their brands and managers - the professionals that owners engage to protect the multi-million dollar investments that they have made in building, maintaining and upgrading properties.

COVID-19’s Potential Lasting Impact on Fixed vs Variable Hotel Expense Ratios

As a result of COVID-19, hotel operators have been forced to make tough decisions, including the most basic one on whether to keep the lights on. Many were required to close their doors after municipal mandates were put in place and some decided to remain open, despite record-low occupancy levels, to house pandemic-related first responders and other essential personnel related to the fallout from the spread of coronavirus, largely in place of more traditional sources of demand during "normal times".

How To Calculate And Monitor Your Break-Even Point

By Alex Sogno

As hotels begin to re-open, it is crucial that they're mindful of their Break-Even Point (BEP) to understand their cost levels and to determine what RevPAR level is necessary to re-open. COVID-19 presented many challenges for hotels who are currently striving to merely break-even instead of maximizing profit as usual.

The Impact of Social Distancing on Hotel F&B Operations

By David Eisen

When 2020 is over and done with (could not come sooner, right?), "social distancing" will be the frontrunner for buzz term of the year. It doesn't even matter that the World Health Organization has lobbied vigorously for the phrase to be dropped in favor of "physical distancing.

Recovery Is When Gen Zers and Millennials Travel for Business

By Linchi Kwok

Gen Z and Millennials are key to travel industry's recovery - That was the headline of a Travel Pulse report, which quoted a GlobalData survey. The survey suggests that younger and wealthier travelers would be the first to resume international leisure travel when the COVID-19 restrictions are lifted.

HVS Market Pulse: Luang Prabang, Laos

Luang Prabang is located in north central Laos on a peninsula bounded by the Mekong River to the north and the Khan River to the east. Listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Since 1995, Luang Prabang attracts tourists from international and regional markets through a combination of preserved cultural experiences and natural beauty within the province.

Inflection Detection: How Travel Brands Can Discern And Capture Upswings In Demand

By Carolyn Corda

Very few people are traveling now, but the $2.9 trillion question is when will people start booking travel again. The World Travel and Tourism Council (WTTC) predicts that a staggering 197.5 million travel and tourism jobs are at risk of being lost if travel restrictions are only lifted after the summer - an alarming 96% rise from the most recent prediction of 100.

Impact of COVID-19 on the Tucson Hotel Market

By Luigi Major

As with the rest of the country, the Tucson lodging market has been negatively affected by the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. After reaching an all-time peak in performance in 2019, following eight years of nearly year-over-year growth, hotel performance came to a screeching halt in early March when travel restrictions began to take place around the country.

Strong Indications Consumer Confidence Is Slowly Returning

By Sarah McCay Tams

Consumer confidence is slowly returning, with two main trends: short-term booking windows and long-term reservations towards the end of 2021, reports the latest edition of the Duetto Pulse Report, which tracked data from June 15-28 across three key hotel metrics - bookings, cancellations and web traffic.

Hotel Sentiment Survey Results: What Does Re-Opening Look Like During a Pandemic?

By Nicki Graham

In a recent survey conducted at Cendyn, we spoke with hoteliers from across the globe and asked them how they are managing their re-opening strategy during a global pandemic. As a reminder to all, hotels are in different situations across the globe - not every hotel is closed right now but many were closed for a significant time and are just re-opening or planning to re-open, albeit at a limited capacity.

COVID Uncertainty Does Not Discourage European Hoteliers

By Thomas Mielke

As the UK prepares for reopening the hospitality industry, AETHOS sought to get a clearer picture of the sentiment amongst branded as well as independent hotel operators. The idea - to contrast the mood of the British hospitality industry with that of a country where hoteliers have already had a little 'head start' due to the earlier lifting of restrictions.

African Hotel Pipeline Resilient Despite Unprecedented Challenges

By Wayne Troughton

Acknowledged as one of the African continent's leading hospitality investment experts, Wayne Troughton of HTI Consulting shared unique insights in the first 'Virtual Hotel Club' held in early July, a dynamic and informal Pan-African platform for hospitality industry stakeholders the way forward within the industry at this time of crisis.

The Reopening of Las Vegas Casinos During the COVID-10 Pandemic

By Shannon S. Okada

On March 17, 2020, Nevada's Governor Steve Sisolak ordered the closure of Nevada's non-essential businesses and urged residents to implement social-distancing measures to reduce spreading COVID-19. Governor Sisolak authorized certain businesses, including restaurants, barbershops, hair salons, and most retail businesses, to reopen with limitations beginning May 9, 2020, and Nevada began its emergence from the pandemic shutdown.

Plotting the Comeback for Hotels in a COVID-19 Environment

By Dan Skodol

For the past nine weeks since our original blog post, we've continued to track hotel selling rates, planned opening dates, occupancy, and usage of out-of-order rooms among our client hotels. It's been interesting to monitor the extent to which hotel reopenings have stayed on track with initial plans and how demand has responded to the reopenings.

Is This A Moment In Time For Serviced Apartments?

By Max Thorne

We are all navigating challenging circumstances as a result of the recent COVID-19 pandemic. However, I am optimistic and naturally lean towards seeking the positives in people and situations, which I have demonstrated through my 30+ years in the serviced apartment industry.

Do Not Let Covid Infect Your Brand

By Keith Kefgen

The first thing that came to mind when Marriott International furloughed two-thirds of its corporate and property staff was - Is this going to severely impact the Marriott brand and the relationship with their most important asset: PEOPLE.

Serving up the future: Technology in F&B

By Kimberly Yoong

Even as the adoption of high-end technology became increasingly prevalent across industries around the world, the hospitality industry had long resisted indulging in automation, insisting on the value of the 'human touch'.

New hotel cleaning protocols will cost hotels over $130k per year

By Soenke Weiss

As new hospitality cleaning protocols are being released on a daily basis worldwide, we have worked with our hotel partners to calculate the cost of implementing the new cleaning requirements. Initial analysis shows that hotels will need to budget around $130,000 for a 250-room hotel, running at around 60% occupancy.

The best in hospitality debate: RISE, episodes 1-5

By Beatrice Venturini

RISE is an exciting and relevant weekly conversation between industry professionals and students, graduates & job seekers in the Travel, Tourism & Hospitality sector. Reconnecting, reflecting and re-examining where in the world we are, and above all, separating the news from the noise.

Tech Visionary and Entrepreneur Einar Rosenberg Talks About Critical Must-Have Hotel Solutions for a Post-Pandemic World

By Alan Young

The term 'visionary' is hardly a novel concept, especially in an age so defined by digital expertise and thought leadership. But, what exactly defines a visionary? Is it an exceptional idea? A desire for continued innovation? Or, perhaps, foresight for what is to come in any given industry space? In the case of Einar Rosenberg, it is all of the above.

Why More Travel Brands And Destinations Should Amplify LGBT+ And Diversity Efforts As We Enter A “New Normal”

By Loren Duran

We've seen that the COVID-19 pandemic has triggered global diversity efforts, rallying together as minority groups have been negatively targeted. In a time where people are hypersensitive when making decisions, especially around travel, it is the responsibility of brands to connect with consumers on a deeper level via their communications.

The Importance of Sporting Events for the Las Vegas Market

By Shannon S. Okada

By the time Nevada's Governor Sisolak ordered the closure of Nevada's non-essential businesses and urged residents to implement social-distancing measures to reduce the spreading of COVID-19 on March 17, 2020, the National Hockey League (NHL) and National Basketball Association (NBA) had suspended their 2019-20 regular seasons, and Major League Baseball (MLB) had suspended its Spring Training and delayed the start of the 2020 regular season.

21st Century Healthy Hotels and Resorts

By Tim Lemons

The rapid onset of the novel coronavirus and resulting COVID- 19 has stopped the world-wide economy, thus adversely affecting business and industry at large. Specifically, the hospitality industry has been hard hit as the vast majority of hotel and leisure properties have been forced to close to slow the widespread advance of this virus and limit the death and pain left in its wake.

Utility Players as a Way to Save Hotels on Staffing

By Larry Mogelonsky

The post-COVID recovery will not mirror the initial reactions to the global lockdown for the hospitality industry. Namely, with hotels shutting down and laying employees off in droves, most properties will be reluctant to rehire all those previously let go because occupancies will take a long time to get to their pre-pandemic levels, thus not necessitating full staffing and recruitment.

Re-Negotiating Your Management Agreement: The Owner’s Perspective

By Alex Sogno

COVID-19 introduced the hotel industry to a lot of uncertainties for the future. It also revealed several weak spots and high-risk areas within hotel management agreements (HMA's). As these weaknesses become more evident, it is important to decide which points to focus on, how they can be adapted moving forward, and how each party can make the necessary adjustments to help each other out.

How To Show The Welcoming Smiles Behind The Masks Of Your Hotel Staff

By Doug Kennedy

As part of the hotel and lodging industry's effort to help guests feel safe about traveling during the current COVID-19 pandemic era, nearly all are requiring hotel staff to wear facemasks. However, one down-side is of course the fact that our colleagues can no longer share their warm and welcoming smiles as they greet guests at the front entrance, pass by them in hallways and corridors or when serving them in dining and recreational outlets.

Travel and Healthcare in a Post-COVID-19 World

By Jenny Cohen Derfler

Few anticipated this crisis. Everyone is speculating - although "fantasizing" might be a better word - about what the post-COVID-19 world will look like. Experts say that the situation could be under control in the countries that became infected first, but the COVID-19 situation changes too fast, so it is difficult to predict the future.

22 Best Practices For Your Wellness And Spa Department During And Post-COVID-19

By Alex Sogno

Sooner or later, COVID-19 will be a thing of the past. However, as the crisis will pass, many things will have changed. New ways of working, new consumption patterns, a new way of interacting with people, and most certainly, cleanliness standards as new ways of measuring the attractiveness of hotels will become the norm.

Will Hotel Technology Ever Rule The World?

By James Harrison

Will Hotel technology Ever Rule The World? An interesting topic that I came up with, almost as a humorous, tongue in cheek look at an automated future in hotels. However, I first thought of the idea in December 2019, and planned to publish an article in March 2020.

Major Las Vegas Development Projects Status Update

By Shannon S. Okada

As of the end of January 2020, prior to the closures of businesses determined to be non-essential and the announcement of stay-at-home recommendations due to COVID-19, the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority (LVCVA) indicated that construction of over 12,000 hotel rooms was scheduled to be completed by 2023.

HVS: Emerging Hotel Brands

By Brittany Hart

As COVID-19 was declared a global pandemic by the World Health Organization (WHO) on March 11, the hospitality industry began to experience sharp declines in lodging demand given the cancellation of events and the travel restrictions set by the government, which contributed to the drop in all performance metrics.

Independent Hotel Owners Should Look At Integrating Their Assets Into A Portfolio

By Gustav Bjoern

Stronger together! Merge to survive… and thrive! For hotel owners and investors, access to friendly capital, shared resources and additional capital appreciation provided by entering assets into a partnership - that famous "portfolio effect", can these days be what stands between survival and losing control.

A Quick Review of 2019 Industry Performance

By Robert Mandelbaum

Given the extreme negative impact of COVID-19 on the U.S. lodging industry in 2020, we recognize the limited practicality of benchmarking the bleak 2020 operating performance of hotels against the relatively prosperous 2019 benchmarks.

Beware the Post-Pandemic Cruise Surge

By Larry Mogelonsky

In the midst of this COVID-19 isolation period, we hoteliers are all mulling over how travel behavior will change and where customers will come from following the end of lockdown. One thought therein pertains to the conversion of cruise travelers; the going argument being that cruise lines have gained near-permanent notoriety as 'floating petri dishes' during this whole ordeal and that many leisure consumers will opt for traditional hotels because of this stigma.

Travel Predictions for Summer 2020 After Two Seasons of Pandemic and Social Unrest

By Dr. Zongqing Zhou

It is relatively difficult to predict summer travel, particularly after the massive national protests that add a potentially tide-turning consumer psychological breaker. But, if the protests do not trigger a second wave of the pandemic, the threat of contamination by the coronavirus will be drastically reduced in the minds of the travelers and we may expect a more peaceful and steady increase of travel for the latter part of summer.

A Four Phase Theory to the Return of Travel

By Jacki Brown

As members of the hospitality industry, we are full of questions about what the future of travel will look like, how it will evolve, and especially when it will return. As travelers ourselves, full of wanderlust and a desire to see and connect with new cultures, we're all individually grappling with how COVID-19 has and will continue to impact our lives in the foreseeable future.

COVID-19: Hospitality Employee Sentiment Findings

By Bhavna Bhatia

The last few months have been unprecedented difficult times for the hospitality and travel industry employees who were severely impacted. Hotel closures as well as travel halts have naturally forced companies to take measures that have resulted in furloughs, terminations, and salary cuts.

100 Ideas For The Food & Beverage Industry Post COVID-19

By Alex Sogno

The COVID-19 crisis led to major structural and operational changes for the restaurant industry, from the implementation of new health standards to adaptation to new customer expectations. We offer 100 ideas to allow independent restaurateurs or operating in hotels to meet these challenges and choose from this list the most suitable ideas for their activity.

How COVID-19 Is Eating Into Hotel Profit

By David Eisen

COVID-19 plunged a knife in the collective heart of the global hotel industry and in one fell swoop destroyed demand, sending revenue and profit to historically low levels. This global pandemic is the most harrowing event to ever besiege the hospitality industry.

The Re-Opening Process Post COVID-19

By Korosh Farazad

We all hope for a v-shaped recovery globally after pandemic lockdown later this year in Q3-Q4. When the government and health services finally give the greenlight to reopen the hotels, it will be the time to get back to business as the market will pick up its footing.

10 KEY TIPS on re-opening your restaurant post pandemic

By Paul Sarlas

It's been difficult for many operators and the only past experience we can use to best understand how to come out of this situation is the learnings from past recessions or economic downturns. And common sense would tell you that starting a business in hard economic times is a bad idea.

What Should We Be Doing?

By Benoit Gateau-Cumin

Napoleon used to say an army is guided by its stomach: and here we are running out of food. In the worst possible way. When every bit of available food is used, it is merely a famine. When thousands upon thousands of gallons of milk are being dumped, it is fodder for civil riots.

It’s Time to Invest in Your Employees’ Safety

By Jay Reed

It's a dangerous world out there. New threats are making it challenging to reduce risks facing hotel employees. Even with heightened cleaning standards and sanitizing technology, it may be difficult to lure frontline workers - especially housekeepers - back to work.

The Future of Travel

By Stephan Radwitz

Even before lockdown, the travel industry was going through a period of change, led by two driving forces: climate change and technological innovation. Now that we are stuck at home, we are dreaming about the pleasure and opportunities of travel and fantasising about what could be improved in the industry.

Boldly Getting Back To Business

By Larry Mogelonsky

Like most of you, I am chomping at the bit to get back to work. Ever the optimist, I want to see all of my clients' properties start to churn their respective wheels of operation. But before we all flip the sign from closed to open, let's stop for a minute and ask what this closure has taught us.

Restaurants Reopening: An Overview From Lausanne, Switzerland

On Monday 11th May, restaurants and bars were among the few public establishments in Switzerland allowed to reopen. The move was preceded by lengthy Federal Counsel regulations made available to all restaurateurs setting out the now rather familiar guidelines: 2m distances between tables, maximum 4 people at a table, strict hygiene measures, service staff in masks and required contact details of each customer.

Six Guidelines To A Sustainable Recovery For Hotels Post-COVID-19

By Alex Sogno

Sustainability is regarded as the key to a successful business in the 21st century. It is fast becoming a top concern for public and private sectors alike. The hospitality industry is no exception. 2020 was set to be a year of collective action on climate change until COVID-19 brought many unknowns, including how future travel behavior will develop and whether sustainable initiatives will be forgotten or gain priority.

How to Keep Your Brain Sharp During Down Time

By Prince A. Sanders

For many of us, we are now a while into quarantine. We have been tested in so many new ways during this pandemic, especially mentally. Our brains like to be active and stimulated. But, are we doing a good job of keeping our noggins sharp? Many of the activities that would usually keep our brains busy (socializing, interacting at work, etc.

How Will Hotels Turn Profitable Again?

By Saurabh Gupta

The onset of COVID-19 is the mega crisis of our lifetime. For the hospitality sector, it is an Armageddon event threatening to wipe out the good, the bad and the ugly without any distinction. Arne Sorenson of Marriott described the impact of the pandemic to be more severe than the 9/11 attacks and the 2008 financial crisis combined.

The First 100 Days

By Adam Knight

As we start to understand our new normal, there's an opportunity for savvy managers and business owners to outline an action plan that will launch them out of their current situation and provide the momentum needed to be successful in our new normal.

4 Steps Hotels Should Take To Adapt To A Post-COVID World

By Achim Schmitt

With decreasing infection rates and a slight recovery from the pandemic, many hotel and restaurant owners are raising the question on how to prepare for the post-COVID 19 world of hospitality. While some fear a second wave with similar economic implications, others consider that the reopening of national hotels and restaurant industries can come quicker than expected.

Your Post-COVID Fresh Start Checklist

By Larry Mogelonsky

In your hotel career, there will probably never be another opportunity when you have the chance for a new lease on life. With your property temporarily closed and little to no reservations on the books, you are unglued from history as no one is going to use the typical 'negative-nelly' reasons for rejecting your bold initiatives.

How COVID-19 Can Stimulate Healthier Hospitality Leadership

By Petra Deuter

Much has already been written about how travel and tourism will be irrevocably changed by the coronavirus pandemic. Optimists and realists alike are focusing on more environmentally friendly ways of reaching our chosen destinations, more sensitive ways of considering local culture and more sustainable, ethical methods of sharing and distributing the financial benefits of tourism.

Key Questions on Employees’ Minds Right Now, Part I/II

By James Houran

Many hospitality students and professionals around the world recently participated in AETHOS' series of development webinars. These sessions offered attendees the opportunity to complete the 20|20 Skills™ assessment to gain a personal SWOT analysis to help them navigate these challenging times of occupational crisis and change.

The Myth Of ‘Crisis Leadership’

By Keith Kefgen

Google the phrase "crisis leadership," and you get over half a billion (yes, with a "b") entries. It is one of the hot topics on social media now, with new entries appearing daily. Everyone in the business world is talking about it, and they all seem to characterize it the same way: that crisis leadership reflects a highly specialized skill set or psychometric profile that is significantly different than "everyday" leadership.

Hotel-Casinos: Get Ready for Re-Opening

By Casey Munck

Several hotel-casinos across the states in the US are re-opening this week, offering a glimpse of how the industry will recover amid social distancing. As your property emerges from hibernation mode, build a phased recovery plan that ramps up slowly as your casino reopens.

Hotel Technology: The Answers

By James Harrison

Anyone who follows my personal posts on LinkedIn will have recently seen me sharing a lot of truths. This is going to continue in a similar vein, albeit focussed on Hotel Technology. The truth is, as of early May 2020, we don't have all the answers.

Lifting The Lockdown: What’s Next For Hospitality?

By Gareth Ogden

As the UK looks to emerge from the COVID-19 lockdown, business leaders have been calling upon the Government to set out its plan for how we might return to some sense of normality. Unsurprisingly, the hospitality industry has been amongst the most vocal, given numerous concerns over the practicalities of reopening venues under social distancing guidelines.

COVID-19 and the Ensuing Design Changes to Hospitality Spaces

By Beatrice Venturini

An interview with Monika Moser, Regional Managing Director at Wilson Associates, specialists in innovating hospitality architecture and design for luxury and boutique brands. Monika also featured as guest speaker in last month's EHL webinar "The Impact of COVID-19 on Hotel Real Estate", where her views on the inevitable changes to the future look of hospitality design shed a practical light on what hotels and restaurants post COVID-19 should be bearing in mind, along with the even more important theme of shifting values of their future customers.

Have you Taken Your Team’s Temperature Lately?

By Stefano Borzillo

Hospitality is typically founded on teams of individuals working together, not only for the high performance of their function but also for creating a positive experience for guests. We can see that F&B, front desk and housekeeping teams all have an effect on guests' impressions of their hotel stay.

Essential Cybersecurity Guidelines To Protect Your Business When Working Remotely

By Alex Sogno

Three weeks ago, Marriott International announced they had experienced a data breach, putting the personal data of 5.2 million guests at risk (1). While this number dwarfs in comparison to the data breach of 500 million Marriott and Starwood guests in late 2018 (2), the message is clear: hotels are a target for threats and need to focus on protecting their employees' and guests' data.

Marketing in Uncharted Waters - The COVID Era

By Ajay Mehtani

It's a tough world, a difficult & unprecedented situation as the hospitality sector is on a standstill globally! So, should Marketing Spends be put on hold during this time? Should we all go home and hope to return when demand picks? No.

COVID-19 Recovery Series: Email Marketing

While our industry continues to deal with a state of travel that is breaking all norms, there is actually an opportunity to solidify relationships with your audience. A strong email marketing strategy will keep loyal guests engaged and can even be a source of positive news to your audience as you lead them down the booking path for the future.

Managing the Risk of Fraud During COVID-19

By Kevin Doyle

I wanted to share with you some thoughts I have around the potential unintended consequences connected with the necessary winnowing of hotels' finance and operational headcount. First and foremost, hotels had to take all steps necessary to stem their evaporating cash.

Break the “Unwritten Rules of Upselling”

By Jos Schaap

We are now in the midst of a pandemic, the likes of which few alive today have ever experienced. COVID-19 has spread to every corner of the globe, causing health care and economic devastation. The hospitality ecosystem has been particularly hobbled, with hotels being one of the hardest-hitsectors.

Crisis Management for Pandemic, Hurricane or Terrorist Threat

By Chuck Kelley

Whether you are responding to a potential pandemic, a natural catastrophe or a terrorist threat the opportunity for success is driven by preparedness. By this we mean proactive planning, mock drills, learning from history, constant review, updating and never letting your guard down - you can't make it up as you go.

Survey Results: How Hotels Are Coping With COVID-19

By Casey Munck

The results are in from two Cendyn surveys polling hoteliers across the globe on how they are coping with the effects of COVID-19. Gauge the industry pulse and read first-hand accounts of how hoteliers are dealing with the coronavirus on both an individual level and as an operation.

The Five Changes Expected in the Hotel Industry

By Adam Knight

Returning to operations in our new environment is sure to bring many expected and unexpected challenges. Between figuring out social distancing protocols and mitigating risk throughout the property, hotels will be contending with a lot as we move through the coming months and years.

Take Charge Of Your Capital; You May Think That You Are, But This May Not Be The Case

By Gustav Bjoern

An essay on the importance of trust and communication, during these days of COVID-19. As you're reading this, regardless of where in the capital stack you sit, you probably have a stronger than usual desire to know exactly what's going on with the underlying asset, the cash flow, the promised CapEx program, the debt covenant compliance, and how badly you mispriced your risk (you're not alone).

The Importance of Revenue Management in Times of Uncertainty

By Crystal Pernici

There's no doubt we are experiencing one of the greatest challenges of our professional (and, in many cases, personal) lives. This pandemic has rattled our world—especially travel and hospitality. Now it's time for the hotel industry to pull itself up by its bootstraps and show the world what we are made of.

Introducing "Generation Clean" – The New Age of Hotel Guests

By Tim Pelletier

While global travel markets continue to wrestle with the implications of COVID-19, one thing is becoming increasingly clear - the crisis will have a deep and lasting impact on the industry. How the industry evolves to address the situation and future-proof their marketing, distribution, and hotel management strategies remains to be seen.

Tech Companies Helping Hotels in Times of Need

By Larry Mogelonsky

With the hospitality industry left spinning in the wake of the COVID-19 lockdowns, it is hardly the time to throw in the towel. Rather, and not to soften the severity of the crisis in any way or form, this is an opportunity to realign your hotel organization so that it can thrive on a lean team once the travel restrictions are relaxed.

The BC and AC of Hoteliering

By Natwar Nagar

The world has suddenly changed. Like most sectors, the global hospitality industry is in shock and dismay watching a pandemic wipe out the dreams of millions. This unprecedented event, whose consequences we cannot yet imagine, has left us speculating about its financial, economic, social and political cost.

Plotting (literally) the comeback

By Dan Skodol

Hotels in North America and around the world are starting to look ahead to reopening their doors to guests. As we speak, from the smallest independent boutiques to the largest global chains, properties are formulating strategies for operations, marketing, revenue management, and many other areas in the context of a post-COVID-19 environment.

The Impact Of COVID-19 In The Hotel Industry – Brazil Overview

By Felipe Touro

In view of the advancing Coronavirus over the past few days, the economic impact starts to deepen and takes bigger steps around the world, mainly reflected by issues due to the drop in consumption and production, the stock market and supply chains, and this serves as a wake-up call for all the world even for those powerful countries in the European Union as a possible economic recession is looming.

Revenue Management In Recovery: 7 Trends To Track

By Alex Sogno

Our industry is currently at a standstill. There is no previous precedent, no historical data to refer to. Revenue Management (RM) systems do not have reliable data to process: they will not work. Most of your positions as Revenue Managers probably did not exist yet during the 2008 Financial Crisis.

Responsible Tourism Is Key To Driving Travel Industry Recovery In A Post-Lockdown World

By Jane Madden

Last week, I had the pleasure of speaking at the Finn Partners Travel Practice webinar on the role of responsible tourism in driving recovery post-lockdown. I was joined by Fiona Jeffery OBE, Senior Partner, Finn Partners Global Responsibility Tourism Practice, Founder and Chairman of Just A Drop, alongside Amy Skelding, Senior Partner in our Travel Practice who moderated the session.

Time for the Hotel Industry to “Remove the Box”

By Hanley Chew

The hotel industry is one of the worst-hit industries during this crisis. A lot of studies have been conducted to help us understand the impact on the economy and our organization's bottom-line. Industry experts, through their various associations, have predicted that the average hotel occupancy in Malaysia for the year will stand at around 25% or less.

Hotel Performance Forecast 2020-2024

By Hala Matar Choufany

The increasing concern over the post COVID-19 implications on the travel and tourism sector coupled with a challenging economic outlook for the GCC region will have a major impact on the recovery of the hotel sector.

Will Ancillary Revenues become Primary Revenues in the COVID Era?

By Ajay Mehtani

HVS ANAROCK spoke about ancillary revenues in early 2019 and the concept of focusing on Revenue Per Square Feet at our HOPE conference again in Bengaluru in August last year - thus, initiating a dialogue with the industry on the concepts of Total Revenue Management.

HVS: COVID-19 Impact on Hotels in Asia Pacific

The momentum in visitor arrivals has been lost due to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. January 2020 kick off with robust visitor arrivals before registering an average decrease of approximately 35% and 65% across the region (Australia, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, Maldives, Myanmar, New Zealand, Philippines, Singapore and Vietnam) in February and March, respectively.

Coronavirus (and other problems): 2020, a dark year for global tourism

By Anne Gombault

The coronavirus health crisis, tracked statistically in real time by Johns Hopkins University, is hitting the global economy hard and the tourism industry most of all. The World Tourism Organization (WTO) is expecting a drop in tourism revenue of 300 to 500 billion dollars in 2020, up to one-third of the 1,500 billion generated in 2019.

There’s Light at the End of the Tunnel: Implement Technology Today to Retain and Attract Top Talent Tomorrow

By Robb Monkman

Sometimes when things seem the darkest, moments of beauty emerge in the most unexpected places. During this time of quarantine, rivers are cleaning up, vegetation is growing, the air is becoming cleaner, there are fewer reports of crime, families are bonding, workers are resting, and nations are banding together for the good of mankind.

Hotel Industry 2020 – The New Normal

Welcome to the Twilight Zone or the surreal existence of those of us in hospitality with empty hotels. They are slowly and not so surely picking up but we will return to a "new normal" soon. What will it look like? The "light and warmth of hospitality," coined by Conrad Hilton, will not be apparent upon entrance to a hotel post COVID-19.

HVS: Impact of COVID-19 in Italy

After the initial actions taken during February 2020 to contain the expansion of COVID-19, which provided limitations and restrictions only to certain activities and areas of the country (closing direct flights with China, prohibition of big gatherings and sport events, creation of red zones at Province and Regional level in North Italy), the Italian Government issued a Law Decree on 11 March providing for a shutdown of many activities and several limitations to other activities across the entire Italian territory.

Hospitality Financial Leadership – What Will the Post Pandemic Hotel World Look Like?

By David Lund

Having been around awhile I have seen the changes that have come as a result of major global events. The starkest example is our pre- and post-911 world. It showed us that the idea of getting on an airplane means we need to prove we do not have any threatening objects with us, like guns, knives and explosives and we need to prove we are who we say we are.

The Gift of Resetting and New Beginnings

By Luis Gallotti

Imagine a game that never ends. Imagine a workday that never finishes. Imagine a train that never stops. That's how we have been living. No doubt that today's situation brings a lot of anxiety and uncertainty, but if we are able to take a more holistic approach to this whole new reality, soon enough we would realize that it's a new beginning physically, mentally and spiritually for all of us.

Coronavirus Boosts Innovation in the Beer Industry

By Margarita Cruz

It's Friday evening and virtually everyone in the whole country is at home. On a regular Friday, people would go out, meet friends, drink beer and celebrate the weekend. Not today thanks to coronavirus.

Staying Ahead Through Change

By Vijay Thacker

The standstill enforced by the COVID-19 pandemic gives hotels the opportunities to move towards changes that will arise when hotels re-open. New learnings must be imbibed and actions purposefully directed.

Hospitality Industry Top Winners and Losers in the Post-Crisis Era

By Max Starkov

Here are the big winners as a result of the current coronavirus crisis: Major Hotel Chains: Hospitality has been moving from an industry of independent hotels to an industry dominated by major hotel chains for at least two decades now.

What is Your Business 2.0

By Keith Kefgen

The government has effectively shut down the hospitality and travel industries. Yes, this will end, and no, it won't go back to 'normal'. What will the new normal look like? I have heard all kinds of predictions from a V-shaped recovery to social revolution; a wide spectrum to say the least.

HVS COVID-19: Traveller and Hotel Guest Sentiment Findings Middle East

By Hala Matar Choufany

The current pandemic and unprecedented difficult times have so far dramatically impacted our lifestyle, be it how we work, travel, socialize, meet and greet, connect, etc. and it is only fair to assume that these forceful effects will remodel our behavior and attitude in the midterm and potentially forever.

How To Lie With COVID-19

By Simone Puorto

"The death rate in the Navy during Spanish-American War," writes Darrell Huff in his classic, How to Lie with Statistics, "was nine per thousand. For civilians in New York City during the same period, it was sixteen per thousand.

A Reason To Smile During The COVID-19 Pandemic

By Shep Hyken

I'm going to switch up my typical customer service and experience content to share a little motivation. My buddy and fellow professional keynote speaker, Joey Coleman, is one smart dude. He made a great observation about the way people are reacting to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Always look on the bright side

By Jane Pendlebury

Thank goodness we are an industry of positive people. Despite the doom and gloom, most people that contact the HOSPA office remain upbeat, trying to find their way through the uncertainty. The only certainty we do have is that the outlook will change daily and the Government will direct us based on facts and figures, which also change daily.

An Updated 2020 Outlook - Expectations for the Year Ahead

By Jamie Lane

Economic conditions are deteriorating quickly and according to Oxford Economics, theU.S. economy is in recession. Oxford predicts that, "the coronavirus pandemic will lead to a profound, pervasive, and persistent, but not permanent reductions in activity, with widespread cuts in social spending, severe disruptions to supply chains, and major interruptions in travel and tourism activity.

Mental Wellness and Today’s New Workplace Norms

By Thomas Mielke

'Mental wellness' is a broad topic that involves our emotional, psychological, and social functioning. In what is a reflection of the fast-paced and high-pressure environments that we nowadays live in, it has increasingly topped the management agenda of many boards and HR executives across the globe.

Hospitality Sector Should Prepare for an Extended Stay from COVID-19

By Deborah Friedland

"The impact to our industry is already more severe than anything we've seen before, including September 11th and the Great Recession of 2008 combined." A chilling statement from Chip Rogers, President of the American Hotel & Lodging Association (AHLA) on March 17—just as COVID-19 was starting to unleash its global fury.

People Management During COVID-19

By Alex Sogno

An industry of people taking care of people; Ladies and Gentlemen Serving Ladies and Gentlemen; People, Product and Profit. Whichever way you phrase it, people are at the core of hospitality. As a service-focused industry, our product is inseparable from the person delivering it.

The Future State of Hospitality after COVID-19: A New Psychology of ‘Enchantment’

By James Houran

These introductory quotes show that great minds in science and literature have historically recognized the fundamental need for enchantment in people's lives. Just think back to your own remarkable encounters with art, music, nature, and even special people like 'first loves', childhood heroes, or favourite celebrities.

COVID-19 “The Hefty Guest”

By Hala Matar Choufany

And… Suddenly, while we were projecting growth in the MEA region and applauding the ongoing efforts of governments in developing further the tourism infrastructure, improving accessibility, attracting local and foreign investments and easing off travel restrictions, we wake up to a new reality, a serious and destructive threat, and a force that is beyond imagination that will shape our future.

A Post-Coronavirus Scenario for Travel and Hospitality: Where We Might be Going

By Woody Wade

Good morning, ladies and gentlemen. Welcome to the Industry Leaders Panel here at the 2023 Berlin Conference. [Squints out across the room.] I see that several dozen of you have physically made it to Berlin this year - thanks for your courage! We also have over 4,000 delegates participating on Zoom, an amazing shift in the way this conference is held compared to five years ago.

Credit Card Processing Best Practices During COVID-19 and Other Challenging Times

By Juli Barter

As the world continues to navigate the COVID-19 pandemic, the hotel industry continues to feel its effects. As a trusted hospitality payments provider, POST Integrations is providing the following credit card acceptance best practices to help guide you and your properties through these uncertain times.

What Is the Impact of COVID-19 on Entrepreneurship?

By Marie-France Derderian

In the face of the worldwide COVID-19 pandemic, Entrepreneurs have to face a new reality: that it is not only a huge sanitary and health crisis affecting million or even billion people in all over the world.

How hotels will need to adapt Duty of Care policies for the coronavirus pandemic

By Nancy Huang

Duty of Care, which for hotels is the legal obligation to ensure the safety or well-being of its guests, has always been an important aspect for hotel operations. Though many hotels are currently closed due to the coronavirus pandemic, many hoteliers are already concerned with how they will need to exercise Duty of Care once they reopen.

The Sustainability of Hotels Post-COVID-19

By Korosh Farazad

A couple of months ago, we never could have thought that the global economy and subsequently the world would have come to a pause. The COVID-19 pandemic and the associated restrictions on business activity and travel have caused a tremendous impact across all market industries and especially in the hospitality industry.

What Can We Expect From The Luxury Market After COVID-19?

By Barbara Czyzewska

The COVID-19 crisis is the kind of situation that our world has never experienced before. Not only has it turned into a global pandemic but, more importantly from consumer behaviour point of view, it has impacted individuals from all walks of life and all social and economic statuses.

HVS Hotel Transaction Activity: The Factors Influencing a Return to Normalcy in a Post-COVID-19 Time

By Drew Noecker

As a result of the current COVID-19 pandemic, the HVS Team has received many questions about when U.S. hotel transaction volume will return to reasonable, pre-pandemic levels. While we do not have a definite answer, as these circumstances are evolving daily, we have tried to use past events to provide some insight on the factors that would affect a possible rebound.

What is the Impact of COVID-19 on Global Economy?

By Emmanuel Jurczenko

The current coronavirus situation is profoundly impacting all types of businesses. With temporary cessation of some businesses and activities slowing down for many, the consequences of the pandemic are even worse for the global economy than the ones following the Great Financial Crisis in 2007-2008.

Hotel Closures Due to COVID-19: What to Consider

The hospitality industry is being devastated by the impact of the coronavirus outbreak. As social distancing is becoming the new normal, airlines cancel flights and state and local governments impose travel restrictions and institute quarantines, many hotels are dealing with unprecedented turmoil and are confronting a decision that was unthinkable just a few weeks ago - whether to shut down.

5 Questions a Good Manager Should Ask Him/Herself While Managing a Team Remotely

By Lucile Muller

As a result of the COVID-19 outbreak, companies and universities around the world have suddenly been forced to adopt home office measures for their employees wherever possible. It is true that over the last decades, the digitalization of our economies has made virtual work environment possible but realistically-speaking, only a few companies have been actively promoting it among their employees.

Hotel Sales Teams: Use Downtime To Up Your Game At Using Screen Share, Video Email, Webcam Sales

By Doug Kennedy

Based on the conversations I'm having this week with our KTN clients, it seems that hotel sales teams are finding that there's a lull in activity right now. The flood of calls and emails regarding cancellations and postponements has abated, and most hotels are lucky to have even a trickle of RFP's coming in from traditional channels.

Hotel Operations in the COVID Era

Social distancing has become a norm in today's COVID-19 world and hotels need to re-evaluate and update their SOPs to adapt to this change.HVS has prepared this document to help hoteliers in the planning process regarding the formulation of SOPs on how to operate their hotels once the lockdown has been lifted.

Hospitality - Planning for the 'New Normal'

COVID-19 has highlighted the fact that the travel and tourism industry is exposed to a global crisis of confidence and steps need to be taken quickly to mitigate the impact on the hospitality business.