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Insights on International Hospitality Executive recruitment In the context of the COVID-19 crisis

By Helene Bouyer

As an Executive Search firm, specializing in the Hospitality industry, Tovalea team members have been in close contact with a number of clients and candidates during the Covid-19 crisis. Valérie Bisch recently published an interesting article about the trends - French speakers, please do not hesitate to visit our website (link below).

Is Now The Time To Turn Off Automation?

Duetto's CEO, David Woolenberg, was joined by Deniel Frey, VP Revenue Management, H-Hotels, and Kelly Cronin, Revenue Director, Village Hotels, on the latest edition of our One World, One Industry, One Conversation webinar series on September 22.

The Future of Airbnb

In the travel wreckage caused by the pandemic, home-sharing has emerged as battered, but with a steady pulse, as rental houses became social-distancing refuges for the travel-starved.

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The Role Of Technology In Managing Operational Complexities In The COVID-19 Era

By Soenke Weiss

The hospitality sector has been hard hit by the COVID-19 pandemic as we saw hotels around the world forced to close their doors for an uncertain and extended period of time. Hotels have used lockdown to prepare for reopening, taking into account new protocols and cleaning procedures so that guests and employees are confident to return.

Second Wave Brings Uncertainty to Business Travel Recovery

The majority of Global Business Travel Association (GBTA) companies expect their employees to return to in-person events in 2021. Almost half (45%) expect attendance to resume in the first half of the year, according to the latest poll conducted between September 15-19, 2020, by GBTA, with an additional 25% expecting a return to in-person events in the second half of 2021.

UNWTO Launches Comprehensive Tourism Recovery Tracker

As growing numbers of countries around the world ease restrictions on travel, the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) has launched a new Tourism Recovery Tracker to support global tourism. This represents the latest concrete action undertaken by the United Nations specialized agency as it leads the response of global tourism and guides recovery.

WTTC Announces International Coordinated Plan to Save the Travel & Tourism Sector

Following various meetings with governments around the world and a letter signed by 120 CEOs of private companies, addressed to the Heads of State of the G7, the World Travel and Tourism Council (WTTC, for its acronym in English) hopes to finalize an international plan to save the travel and tourism industry from the worst threat in its history, due to the negative effects of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Verified Clean Technologies as the Necessary Step to Bring Groups Back

By Larry Mogelonsky

Staycations and drive-market getaways have become the going trends to help revitalize leisure travel for a summer season where we are still battling COVID-19. But most hotels don't build and grow rate from fully independent travelers alone, nor can they keep their ledgers in the black without midweek occupancy during off-peak periods.

World Tourism Day: How digital skills can support recovery

After months of isolation while living in quarantine, travel is the leisure activity that I miss the most. And I'm not alone. Our research, conducted with the Boston Consulting Group, shows that 31 percent of people hope to plan leisure travel once they feel safe enough to do so.

‘What Are You Trying to Say?’

By Conor Kenny

When a sudden and unexpected storm hits our shores, our business and our brand, how we communicate and what we say, becomes even more important. What we see, what we hear, what we believe, depends on where we stand.

JLL’s 21st semi-annual Hotel Investment Sentiment Survey

Historically the lodging industry has proved to be one of the most resilient industries in the world and there is no reason why the industry cannot recover from the COVID-19 shock. As one of the real estate sectors most dependent on individual mobility, travel restrictions and government-mandated lockdowns induced a dramatic decline in hotel occupancies across the world with performance hovering near 10% or even lower for the month of April.

The future of travel

The future of travel used to be flying cars and faster-than-sound jets but Covid-19 has changed all that. Today the travel industry would simply settle for a resumption of some normality.

Value Reigns in the Hotel Recovery Phase

By Larry Mogelonsky

The summer of COVID-19 for hotels has meant a dominance of local leisure guests and road trips as we await the return of group travel to boost our occupancies and our margins. With the approaching next normal of autumn, winter, more properties reopening and less overall desirability for a vacation to a domestic location during the colder months, it would be all too easy to succumb to a price war.

HVS Monday Musings: The Onus lies with Us – Rebuilding Trust to Get Back Guests to Eat & Stay With Us!

After a prolonged lockdown, our industry is gradually picking up the threads and rekindling operations with one of the immediate tasks being rebuilding guest confidence and trust. This is easier said than done as the guests are more cautious than ever and are watching closely! No amount of third-party certification will get you a repeat purchase if the guest does not feel 'safe' within your premises.

In Jittery Times, This Asset Class is Steady

By David Eisen

It's U.S. Open week. The top golfers in the world convene just outside New York City at Winged Foot Golf Club (no fans allowed) where they will compete for a major title and all the prestige and money that comes with it.

Hotel Cleanliness Policies in the Time of COVID-19

By Christian Cross

COVID-19 has posed challenges never seen before by the hotel industry, requiring owners, managers, and brands to take new precautions to keep both guests and staff safe. The industry faced the added challenge of not only creating a safe lodging environment but also creating the impression of security to give guests the confidence to travel again.

Lessons from Disaster: COVID-19 and Chinese Hotels

Few industries have suffered more from the COVID-19 than hospitality and tourism, and China's hotel sector has many lessons to learn. In a thought-provoking exploratory study published recently, Dr Fei Hao, Dr Qu Xiao and Dean Kaye Chon of the School of Hotel and Tourism Management (SHTM) at The Hong Kong Polytechnic University cast light on the fundamental impact of COVID-19 on the sector, and propose strategies for Chinese hotel firms to overcome their current difficulties and emerge ever stronger.

Avoiding a Hotel Shutdown Calls for Compliance Technology

By Larry Mogelonsky

Having all suffered through the global travel lockdown this past spring, the scariest thought now is a reentry into pandemic conditions due to a second wave of the coronavirus. We're already seeing this pattern emerge in states like Arizona, Florida and Texas, and with the virus still very active in many other countries, every hotel needs to do its part to prevent a localized COVID-19 resurgence.

What hotels can learn from Airbnb’s response to the COVID-19 crisis

By Matthieu Mauguin

For most hoteliers, Airbnb represents more of a threat than a role model. In its twelve years of existence, the Californian company has reshaped the world of travel like no one ever before. Indeed, by introducing a new type of accommodation, namely short-term rentals from person to person, the co-founders of Airbnb have challenged some of the age-old principles of the hotel business.

Global Tourist Numbers Down 65% In First Half Of 2020, UNWTO Reports

International tourist arrivals plunged 93% in June when compared to 2019, with the latest data from the World Tourism Organization showing the severe impact COVID-19 has had on the sector. According to the new issue of the World Tourism Barometer from the United Nations specialized agency, international tourist arrivals dropped by 65% during the first half of the year.

COVID-19: Voice of Consumers on Travel & Hospitality

By Alan Young

It's a Tuesday evening, and you wait at the curb for your Uber. The app prompts you with a reminder that riders must wear a mask, and you sort through your bag to make sure you packed one. As you strap on your mask, your driver pulls up, and you duck into the backseat, where you spot a hand sanitizer bottle in the cupholder.

Horwath HTL Market Report: India Hotel Market Review: H1 2020

2019 had been one of the strongest performing years for the Indian hotel market in the past decade, uplifting hopes for even better performance in 2020. However, 2020 has been the toughest year in living memory and unfortunately looks to carry on the negative trend for the rest of the year due to the global pandemic.

Seizing The Recovery: 3 Key Marketing Strategies Every U.S. Hotel Owner Should Consider This Fall

By Martin Verdon-Roe

It has been six months since COVID-19 was declared a pandemic and the U.S. hotel industry was faced with an unprecedented loss of demand. Since then we have been leveraging the advantage of being the world's largest travel platform to understand the speed of recovery, and driving critical insight into how, when and where consumers are planning their next trip.

Most U.S. Airlines Are Getting Rid of Change Fees for Good

In its latest move to offer more flexibility to fliers during COVID-19, most major U.S. airlines have put an end to ticket change fees for good. United Airlines kicked off the trend, announcing on August 30 that going forward, it would no longer be charging change fees for all standard economy and premium cabin tickets for travel within the U.

61,450 Manhattan hotel rooms remain closed - 58% of Room Inventory - PwC Reports

The COVID-19 pandemic continued to severely impair Manhattan hotels in the second quarter, as travel restrictions and business closures remained the new normal. With over 60,000 hotel rooms currently closed, widespread cancellation of group travel, and heightened economic uncertainty, second quarter revenue per available room ("RevPAR") experienced a year-over-year decline of 81.

Cvent Trends: Smaller Meeting Sizes, Lower ADRs, Chain Scale Shift

Many meetings since March have been canceled, postponed or moved to virtual platforms because of the Covid-19 pandemic, but about $2 billion worth of meeting requests for proposals during the second quarter of 2020 were sourced through meetings management company Cvent's network, Cvent senior director of analytics Jeffrey Emenecker said during the recent Cvent Connect virtual conference.

Handling Online Hotel Reviews in COVID-19

By Susan Barry

These are some of the more extreme examples of online reviews that have been written about hotels since the COVID-19 pandemic began. Even if your hotel hasn't been put on blast for following local mandates, you have probably noticed an uptick in negative reviews and complaints.

Lessons from COVID-19: teaching hospitality during a pandemic

By Ian Millar

We spoke to Ian Millar, who teaches at the prestigious Ecole Hôtelière de Lausanne as a Senior Lecturer in Hospitality Technology and manager of the Institute of Business Creativity (IBC). Ian specializes in hospitality technology and is expertly placed to engage with students about new developments and where the industry will develop.

UNWTO: More Than 50% of Global Destinations Are Easing Travel Restrictions - But Caution Remains

A majority of destinations around the world (53%) have now started easing travel restrictions introduced in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Though many remain cautious in view of the development of the pandemic, the seventh edition of the UNWTO "COVID-19 Related Travel Restrictions: A Global Review for Tourism" confirms the ongoing trend towards the gradual restart of tourism.

Can RoomOrders kill COVID-19?

By Eugene B. Jones

A friend of mine who is high up in the finance world said congratulations to me the other day. He said he noticed in the media that RoomOrders appeared to be doing well in these dire circumstances and that he takes his hat off to me.

Guest Software Essential for a Reservations-Only Restaurant Culture

By Larry Mogelonsky

In the midst of the summer of COVID, most patrons relish the chance to comfortably eat outside on a restaurant patio, all adequately physically distanced from other customers. Barring a few staunch objectors, others who would prefer to be seated indoors can empathize with the present state of affairs and bite the bullet.

Innovative Ideas for Keeping Guests Safe During the Pandemic

By David Berger

With the COVID-19 pandemic continuing to impact occupancy rates of hotels across the U.S., hoteliers are doing what they can to signal to travelers that their properties are taking every precaution to keep them safe, but this messaging — even with the continued support of brands and industry associations — is often inconsistent with the narrative consumers are hearing from other sources.

Phuket Hotels Fight For Their Lives As Massive Economic Fallout Expected From Failure Of Domestic Tourism To Support The Industry

Phuket's hotel industry is reaching breaking point and drastic economic support from the government is needed for it to survive the high season, urge industry leaders. In the wake of the controversial "Phuket Model" international travel reopening scheme, reality is biting back as hotels in Thailand's leading resort island are unable to sustain operating viability based on domestic tourism.

Las Vegas COVID-19 Pandemic Update

By Shannon S. Okada

The Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority (LVCVA) reported that the number of visitors to Las Vegas in June and July of 2020 totaled 2,503,100, which represented a 65.7% decrease from 7,293,300 visitors in June and July of 2019.

Interview with Hospitality Influencer Michael Caruso

By Kal MacDonald

As we reach six months into the COVID-19 pandemic, the state of hospitality has remained the same. Our industry is the first to get hit and the last to recover. Some properties are partially open, others are temporarily closed, while a few have not survived and shut their doors permanently.

Horwath HTL Hotel Market Sentiment Survey: Italian Hotel Market & COVID-19 Impact

Horwath HTL Italy conducted this survey in collaboration with the Italian Hotel Association to evaluate the current and medium-term impacts of Covid-19 on the Italian hospitality industry. In general, it is commonly expected a heavy drop of performances in the first semester of 2020 compared to 2019, with more than 49% of respondents expecting a decrease of more than 80% of Total Revenues.

Shared Commitment is Key to a Green Hospitality Recovery

By Willy Legrand

The Great Lockdown is often referred to by economists to explain the double upheaval taking place in the global economy where (1) businesses had to slow down or stop their activities causing a (2) collapse in the consumption (and business investments) across all spheres of society looking towards an uncertain future.

3 Ways To Help Boost The Confidence Of Your Traveling Employees

Leading a team - especially during a crisis - takes patience and fortitude. When your direct reports express confusion, it's important to support them. Since the start of the pandemic, we've navigated the changes in our industry by engaging with experts within CWT and the wider business travel and meetings & events industries.

Global Survey: How Hotel Revenue Managers Are Preparing For Recovery

After COVID-19 flipped the hospitality industry on its head, business is picking up again around the world. With the road to recovery taking various approaches and forms in different countries, regions and cities, we wanted to understand how revenue managers believe their markets will develop, how they see their business mix change as well as which pricing and distribution decisions they will be making.

Why new hotels are opening amid the pandemic

To say that Covid-19 has hurt the hotel industry, along with travel as a whole, is something of an understatement.According to Hotel News Now, the news division of hotel research company STR, the sector has seen a loss of 5 million jobs since February in the United States alone.

Will travelers trash or treasure the planet after the pandemic?

Let's journey back to a different time. One that feels far away. Early January 2020.Travelers were gearing up for another boominfrom visits to Japan for the Olympics to cruises galore. But while we aimed for another year of far-flung trips, environmental activists continued their warnings about a growing climate catastrophe and the role travelers were playing.

Meliá Hotels Uses Local Influencers to Drive COVID-19 Awareness

Brochures and signage are easy to overlook, but social media influencers are harder to miss. As they work to bring back guests during the Covid-19 pandemic, a number of hotel chains are relying on partnerships with social media influencers to educate guests on the new safety protocols they've put in place.

What Today's Travelers Want In Their Accommodations

Here at Expedia Group Media Solutions, our continued mission is to support our advertising partners as they navigate the COVID-19 crisis, including sharing best practices, data, and insights. As we look toward recovery, we're working to understand how travelers are thinking about leisure travel in the time of COVID-19—their preferences, expectations of travel brands, and behaviors.

Autumn Offers Worth Driving For

By Larry Mogelonsky

This is the summer for staycations. With group, convention and most corporate travel in stall mode due to COVID-19, you will need strong programs in place to motivate leisure guests from now-critical drive markets to continue to book with you through the autumn months.

HRS and Radisson Hotels Extend Partnership to Enhance Distribution Efficiency and Awareness of New Hygiene Protocols for Business Travelers

HRS, the leading global corporate lodging platform, extended its strategic partnership with Radisson Hotel Group. As corporate hospitality starts to rebound from the stark drop in volume due to the Coronavirus pandemic, this relationship benefits companies and the re-opening of Radisson properties on multiple continents.

Hotel Operations Have Changed, But the Importance of Communication Has Not

By Andrada Paraschiv

There is a radical change in the way the hospitality industry is operating compared to the last decade. From shifting guests away from the front desk and favoring mobile check-in to new sanitization regulations that call for constant vigilance, it can be a lot for any organization to process and maintain consistency ― particularly right now as guidelines and state regulations are subject to abrupt changes.

Will You Need an 'Immunity Passport' to Travel

The global economy has been severely disrupted by COVID-19, with the virus wreaking particular devastation on the travel industry. While international travel will eventually return, either as governments start to bring infection rates under control or with the development of a vaccine, it's a waiting game that many airlines, tour operators and hotels aren't willing to play.

Hotel Operators Adapt and Survive in 2020

By Robert Mandelbaum

Faced with the greatest declines in revenue since the 1930s, U.S. hotel operators in 2020 have demonstrated their historical ability to adapt to difficult market environments and squeeze the greatest efficiencies from their operations.

How travel will be bought and sold in August 2021, Part 1

By Arnie Weissmann

Ashlock made the point near the beginning of a webinar organized by ASTA on Aug. 24, the day before its Global Live conference began. He joined CNN executive travel editor Brekke Fletcher, Afar editor in chief Julia Cosgrove and Wall Street Journal travel editor Scott McCartney for a panel discussion on "The Future of Travel Distribution.

Cruise trips are back. This is what they look like now

Boarding in the Italian port of Genoa for a seven-day Mediterranean cruise on August 16, travel agent Valeria Belardi prepared herself for a voyage like no other.Belardi was one of some 3,000 pioneering cruisers on board MSC Grandiosa, the first cruise liner to return to the Mediterranean following the global shut down of the multi billion-dollar cruise industry in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic.

How to Be a Mindful Hotel Guest During a Pandemic

With travel as one of the pandemic's hardest-hit industries, independently owned hotels have had a rough few months. Now that travelers around the world are slowly taking their first post-lockdown trips again, the things we once took for granted during a hotel stay (like twice-daily housekeeping and long restaurant menus) have become much harder to keep up due to new safety regulations and tighter budgets.

6 Reasons Why The protel Cloud PMS Will Save Hotels From Post-COVID Extinction

By Linda Vallner

Let's start by asking ourselves if there ever will be a post-COVID era - has the world not changed so much that we will one day look back and consider the time to be either before or after "VIRUS AWARENESS" became a global phenomenon? The time hospitality showed its resiliency, the time we went to virus-war and won.

The great hospitality reset

By Matthieu Mauguin

Do you ever feel like time can go by at different speeds? While on vacation, an entire week may go by in a few hours, whereas, at work, a bad day can sometimes feel interminable. This is often described as the elasticity of time, which is strictly a matter of perception: your brain either produces stimulants, which cause an overestimation of the flow of time, or depressants/anesthetics which have the opposite effect.

HSMAI ROAD TO RECOVERY 2020: Learn. Connect. Lead.

The Hospitality Sales and Marketing Association International (HSMAI) is setting the stage for industry recovery through the newly developed HSMAI Road to Recovery 2020 fall education plan. Focused on revenue, relevance, and recovery, the plan is designed to connect hospitality colleagues in a meaningful way while offering affordable programs and tools for hotel sales, marketing, and revenue optimization professionals.

The 3 P’s Of Traveling During COVID

Concerns about business travel have left many scanning news headlines and feeling none the wiser. While travelers are increasingly confident that hotels, ride-sharing companies, and airports have safety and security measures in place, we don't always know what to consider and how to prepare for a trip.

Take Local to the Extreme

By Larry Mogelonsky

Prior to COVID, hoteliers all over the world were already working on various programs to support local businesses and showcase the best of the community to guests. Now that the pandemic is practically locking out international travelers, the push for drive market customers and 'local everything' has bloomed exponentially.

What Are You Grateful For?

By Shep Hyken

I depart from my typical customer service articles to write something that falls into the motivational category. I was on a Zoom meeting with some of my colleagues in the speaking profession. All of these people are brilliant and hearing how they have navigated the COVID-19 pandemic has been fascinating.

Survey: Frequent Travelers Cite Priorities For Hotel Stays

A new national survey commissioned by the American Hotel & Lodging Association (AHLA) conducted by Morning Consult shows that a number of improvements to health and sanitation protocol at U.S. hotels would have considerable impact on guests' comfort levels staying there, with the top three including face coverings for employees (87% a lot/some impact) and guests (85%), suspending daily housekeeping of rooms (86%), and utilizing technology to reduce direct contact (85%), are the top priorities among frequent travelers to staying in hotels during this pandemic.

Hilton Named ‘Most Socially Responsible Hotel Management Group of China’

SHANGHAI - Hilton was recently named the "Most Socially Responsible Hotel Management Group of China," at the 15th China Hotel Starlight Awards. Hilton won additional accolades at the property level, with Waldorf Astoria Beijing and Waldorf Astoria Shanghai on the Bund named among the "Best Luxurious Hotels of China," and Hilton Shenzhen Futian and Hilton Guangzhou Baiyun recognized as one of the "Top 10 MICE Hotels of China".

How Oracle is Visioning the PMS of the Post-COVID Era

By Laura Calin

As we all move toward a post-COVID era, Oracle Hospitality will be steadfast in supporting the hospitality industry. Since the beginning of this crisis, we've been continuously evolving to help the industry navigate and prepare for the "new next" and meet guests' rapidly changing needs.

Ahead of the Curve: Atlanta GA

Our goal is to provide essential data to the industry at a critical time to enable a comprehensive look into the impact of the pandemic with a focus on looking ahead toward the recovery. By understanding how the pandemic has impacted a market, industry leaders can begin to understand the drivers of the recovery in that market.

What A Difference A Year Makes

By Bob Rauch

When I wrote an article on business plan development for 2020 suggesting flat occupancy and rate, I stated, "Naturally, the caveat is that unexpected 'event' that could stimulate a precipitous decline in demand.

Navy Pier Closure: A Cause for Concern?

By Joseph Hansel

On August 18th, Navy Pier Inc. ("NPI") announced a temporary closure beginning September 8th—immediately following Labor Day weekend. Operations are intended to resume sometime in spring 2021. Suspending operations at Navy Pier not only stops visitation, but also the operation of the 70 businesses operating on the pier.

A “New Normal” for Travel Influencers

By Mike Keriakos

Pre-COVID-19, the majority of hoteliers' sentiments could be captured in this one quote from an Atlantic Monthly article published in 2019: “Everyone with a Facebook these days is an influencer. People say, I want to come to the Maldives for 10 days and will do two posts on Instagram to like 2,000 followers.

UN Secretary-General: “It Is Imperative That We Rebuild The Tourism Sector In A Safe, Equitable And Climate Friendly Manner”

As part of the wider UN response to COVID-19, the UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres released today a thematic brief on the impact the pandemic has had on tourism. Drawing on the latest data from the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO), the lead author of the publication, it warns that as many as 100 million direct tourism jobs are at risk, and the massive drop in export revenues from tourism could reduce global GDP by as much as 2.

MMGY Global Declares “Stretch Season” An Extension Of Summer Travel Into Fall

The tourism industry has been rapidly transforming and adapting as travel seasonality and consumer trip-planning behavior have changed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. MMGY Global - the world's leading integrated marketing company specializing in travel, tourism and hospitality - has identified an opportunity to help bolster the travel industry and help Americans get back lost vacation time with "Stretch Season," extending the traditional summer travel season well past Labor Day into fall.

Setting Course for a Post-COVID Era in Hospitality

By Jason Floyd

As much as the COVID-19 global pandemic has thrown the hospitality and restaurant industries for a loop, it has also proven an important point about the digitalization journey: Get started now if you haven't already.

What Hotels Will Look Like in a Post-COVID World

By David Eisen

For hoteliers and hotel investors, COVID-19 has rushed through the industry like a flood. Without a doubt, it will leave hotels forever transformed in its wake. As the virus subsides, it will reveal a transformed landscape, and hotels will need to adjust to move operations to higher ground.

​Ready To Fly: What To Expect At The Airport

If you haven't stepped foot in an airport since before Covid-19 restrictions were introduced, it can be hard to know what to expect, especially as measures change constantly, such as the increasing adoption of test-on-arrival facilities.

HVS Asia Pacific Hospitality Newsletter - Week Ending 21 August 2020

Vantone Acquired Queen's Hotel in Sai Ying Pun for HKD310 Million at 30% Discount, Singapore Announced Additional SGD8 Billion Covid-19 Support Measures and Another SGD320 Million to Boost Tourism Sector, Indonesia to Establish Travel Corridor for Essential Business and Diplomatic Trips with South Korea, India Announces USD500 Million Assistance for Major Connectivity Project in Maldives.

Visioning PMS On-Premise & Cloud Technology in The Post COVID Era

By Warren Dehan

Today's hotel operations are about doing more with less and honoring regional social distancing guidelines. Reduced staffing levels means more work is falling to management and executive level teams. This, combined with new social distancing mandates and guest health concerns, is creating the new guest journey, one that relies more on technology than ever before.

Ripe for Rebound: A Safe and Digitally Connected Future

By David Millili

Around the world, people have become increasingly invested in discussions surrounding "the next normal" because, as we know, 2020 has been anything but 'normal.' As global communities continue implementing measures to mitigate the continued spread of COVID-19 and, hopefully, get ahead of the pandemic to protect already fragile healthcare systems and declining economies, we face a period of drastic change.

Adapting EHL’s Practical Arts Pedagogy To New COVID-Secure Measures

By Beatrice Venturini

An interview with senior lecturer, Cyrille Lecossois, who teaches culinary arts and the Research & Development programs at EHL. He explains the significant and successful changes that have been implemented post-COVID-19 in order to guarantee safety at the school in all areas relating to his teaching practice.

10 leading PMS providers share their views and thoughts on how PMS will change in the post-COVID era

By Henri Roelings

Over the last five months, the social and economic implications of the coronavirus pandemic have been far-reaching, and, in many respects, the hospitality industry bore the brunt of the impact. Facing extensive travel restrictions and widespread uncertainty surrounding the safety of travel, hoteliers had to quickly pivot their offering to adapt to 'the new normal.

Report: Hotel Industry Facing Historic Wave of Foreclosures

A new national report shows that the hotel industry is facing a historic wave of foreclosures as the COVID-19 pandemic continues to devastate small business hotel owners and its workforce. Since the beginning of the pandemic the hotel segment has faced a historic number of delinquencies and is the most heavily hit sector of the commercial mortgage-backed securities (CMBS) market.

How to Stay Safe While Staying Open

By Christopher Horn

Deciding to close or remain open during a pandemic can be one of the most difficult decisions a hotel company will ever have to make, especially if multiple assets are involved. Many factors need to be analyzed, including the financial, brand, and human resources sides of the business to determine which action is the most fiscally responsible.

6 Hospitality Trends For Rebuilding Consumer Trust As Hotels Reopen

After what has been a dire time for hotels around the world, the industry is slowly rekindling its operations as lockdown is incrementally loosened. Alas, all is not as it once was. Increased health and safety concerns teamed with a heightened awareness for all things hygiene and social distancing mean hotels will first have to reassure their clientele that going on holiday is both safe and desirable.

How Hospitality Can Get Back To Business

By Chekitan S. Dev

A few months ago, travel forecasts were optimistic, growing, carefree. Consider the following developments: New brands were being introduced at a never before seen pace (e.g., Hilton's Tru and MOTTO, IHG's Avid and VOVO), Existing brands were being upgraded, new companies were getting into the travel business (e.

The Owner’s Obligation – Cash

By Robert Mandelbaum

The COVID-19 virus has had an extreme negative impact on the U.S. lodging industry. According to CBRE's June 2020 edition of Hotel Horizons®, lodging demand in the U.S. will decline by 37.0 percent in 2020.

Meet the next-normal consumer

As the world begins its slow pivot from managing the COVID-19 crisis to recovery and the reopening of economies, it's clear that the lockdown has had a profound impact on how people live. The period of contagion, self-isolation, and economic uncertainty will change the way consumers behave, in some cases for years to come.

For corporate travel, a long recovery ahead

When the COVID-19 pandemic halted travel around the globe, business travelers had to pivot quickly from in-person meetings and events to virtual platforms. As the pandemic continues and travel-industry players look ahead for a rebound, our research shows that the postcrisis return will take years and that business travel will return at a slower pace than leisure travel.

It’s Becoming Survival of the Fittest

By Bob Rauch

Prepare your operations to meet what guests are looking for, and prepare your teams for the realities of today's environment. Mike Ditka, former NFL star player and coach once said, “Success is not permanent, and failure is not fatal.

Pandemic Pricing Principles for Hotels

By Vikram Singh

This is my second pandemic-themed article, following the last magnum opus on Hotel Marketing and Revenue Management in the Time of Pandemic. I was definitely hoping for things to be better by now. I still have a lot of optimism.

Dining’s Digital Moment

By Nick Shay

According to The Treasury, UK diners used the government's "eat out to help out" scheme more than 10.5 million times in its first week. And early indications are that this scheme, combined with the recent warm weather, has had an immediate effect in driving an increase in footfall to restaurants, cafes, and pubs during the early to mid-week period- typically the quietest days.

It’s Time for the Hospitality Industry to Build Back Better

By Brendan Griffith

Over the last several months, the hospitality industry has experienced the ongoing, negative impact of COVID-19. It has often felt as if someone pushed 'pause' on our day-to-day lives and businesses. Yet amidst the turbulence, there has never been a more unique time to hit the 'reset' button as a company and an industry.

GBTA Urges For Enhanced Transatlantic Cooperation To Restore Safe Travels

GBTA, the Global Business Travel Association, reiterates the importance of cooperation between the EU, Canada and the US to restore safe travels and reboot the economy. GBTA is urging the European Commission, EU governments, Ottawa, and the White House to pursue talks to find a resolution for transatlantic travel, based on reciprocity, proportionality, and the latest scientific advice.

IHG's Interim results to 30 June 2020

Throughout the crisis we have continued to act responsibly, doing all we can to support our hotel colleagues and owners, and create a clean, safe stay experience that we know guests can trust. The teamwork, dedication and care that our colleagues and owners have shown to adapt our approach is central to meeting the evolving needs and expectations of guests, as well as the communities in which we operate.

Adapting to a new world - PwC on facing the challenges of the post-COVID-19 landscape

At PwC, we have been thinking about how to approach these issues holistically. In 2017, we identified a set of urgent, interdependent, and accelerating challenges confronting the world. We dubbed it the ADAPT framework — describing a world in which asymmetry, disruption, age, polarization, and trust were fundamentally changing the way millions of people live and work.

AHLA Applauds President Donald Trump for Signing Executive Orders Extending Unemployment Benefits

The American Hotel & Lodging Association (AHLA) today applauded President Donald Trump for supporting Americans by signing Executive Orders that extend unemployment benefits and support those impacted by COVID 19, while urging Congress to come together swiftly and pass meaningful, bipartisan legislation that helps support the hotel industry and the millions of employees we support.

Handling Online Hotel Reviews in COVID-19

By Susan Barry

"Safety precautions and staff wearing PPE made me feel like everyone there had leprosy." - "They didn't have valet parking, supposedly because of COVID. I don't recommend you stay there." - "Hotel went overboard on COVID preparedness.

Hyatt Announces Face Coverings Requirement for Guests at Hotels in the Americas

At Hyatt, the safety and security of our colleagues and guests is always a top priority. Guided by our purpose - to care for people so they can be their best - and following medical expert guidance to help reduce the spread of COVID-19, all Hyatt hotels in the Americas will require face coverings within indoor public areas, which include meetings and events spaces, restaurants and bars, and fitness centers.

August 2020 Update On Coronavirus Travel Restrictions

It's hard to believe that we're almost three-quarters of a year into pandemic-related travel restrictions. August is typically the month for last-minute trips before a brand new school year. These are the closing weeks of the peak summer travel season before Labor Day weekend.

The New Reality For F&B: Pop-Ups, Drive-Throughs & Ghost Kitchens

With vast numbers of food and beverage outlets having to temporarily close their doors to keep the COVID-19 pandemic at bay, restaurants, bars and cafés alike have had to adapt to survive. In response to the abrupt loss of dine-in guests, the more fortunate F&B businesses have succeeded in demonstrating agility and resilience.

AHLA Statement On Executive Orders

The American Hotel & Lodging Association (AHLA) today applauded President Donald Trump for supporting Americans by signing Executive Orders that extend unemployment benefits and support those impacted by COVID-19, while urging Congress to come together swiftly and pass meaningful, bipartisan legislation that helps support the hotel industry and the millions of employees we support.

Electronic quarantine tags another necessary evil that will discourage travel plans, says GlobalData

The electronic quarantine tag recently introduced in Singapore has the potential to rattle the number of international departures from the country, which reached 16.8 million in 2019, as it is yet another aspect that will elevate consumer angst and postpone recovery for neighboring Asian destinations, according to GlobalData, a leading data and analytics company.

Horwath HTL Market Report: Mexico

The Mexican Market Report provides an insight of the current state of the Mexican economy, the tourism sector, and the evolution of variables that have a tangible influence on the hotel investment market amidst the COVID-19 pandemic.

Reimagining the $9 trillion tourism economy—what will it take?

Tourism made up 10 percent of global GDP in 2019 and was worth almost $9 trillion, making the sector nearly three times larger than agriculture. However, the tourism value chain of suppliers and intermediaries has always been fragmented, with limited coordination among the small and medium-size enterprises (SMEs) that make up a large portion of the sector.

Top 3 Hotel Operators Post-COVID and Why?

By Korosh Farazad

It's been a few months where hospitality, entertainment, and leisure venues shut their doors in the UK and most part of the world. However, in July 2020, UK, European & global hotel, and hospitality had started planning for a 'new normal' reopening of their businesses.

Ripe for Rebound: Reimagining Hotel Touchpoints

By David Millili

In many ways, the hospitality industry is founded on high touch interactions. Beyond the obvious appeal of an ideal location, the experience of a new culture, or a momentary 'pause' or escape from everyday life, much of the guest travel experience is defined by the services they experience.

Hilton Reports Second Quarter Results

Hilton Worldwide Holdings Inc. ("Hilton" or the "Company") (NYSE: HLT) today reported its second quarter 2020 results. The following results reflect the material impact that the novel coronavirus ("COVID-19") pandemic had on Hilton's business.

NOW is the Time to Tap Top Talent in Hospitality

By David Berger

Success in hospitality has always focused on finding talented workers with a hospitality mindset and a desire to pursue personal growth. These workers thrive in a hotel environment, where they can tap into the industry's nearly limitless opportunities for growth potential.

Hotel Revenue Management in Times of Covid-19

By Patrick Landman

The unofficial definition of Revenue Management used by insiders is 'the art of turning away business'. This certainly does not apply during the current Covid-19 (coronavirus) global healthcare crisis, and the economic downturn the hotel industry is facing in its aftermath.

Reactivating the Caribbean during the COVID-19 Pandemic

By Kristina M. D'Amico

The top priority for all islands in the region has been a focus on residents and the public health issues at hand. Upon knowledge of the COVID-19 pandemic, each island immediately closed its borders, which allowed for a very low number of cases in the region so that the islands could focus on containing the virus transmission without any additional entrants.

Hyatt Reports Second-Quarter 2020 Results

Hyatt Hotels Corporation ("Hyatt" or the "Company") (NYSE: H) today reported second-quarter 2020 financial results. Net loss attributable to Hyatt was $236 million, or $2.33 per diluted share, in the second quarter of 2020, compared to net income attributable to Hyatt of $86 million, or $0.

Accor First-half 2020: Immediate measures limiting Covid-19 crisis aftermath

Sébastien Bazin, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Accor, said: "The shock that our industry is experiencing is both violent and unprecedented. Against this backdrop, we have managed to limit the impact of the crisis: on our performance by taking immediate steps to protect our resources and, thanks to the Group recent years transformation and our sound financial structure; on our employees by implementing concrete and immediate support measures.

A Tale of Two Occupancies: Total Room Inventory vs. STR Standard

Occupancy has long been one of the key hotel performance metrics measured by STR. Reported on both a monthly and weekly basis, occupancy is easily calculated by dividing rooms sold (demand) by rooms available (supply), providing a straightforward representation of the percentage of rooms occupied during a given time period.

Tourism Tidbits: Travel Rage in a Time of Pandemics

By Peter Tarlow

During the last decade, tourism officials have noted the evolution of various types of angers among those in the general public and especially among those in the traveling public. These angers first became apparent in the form of road rage then became air-rage, morphed into full-blown travel rage, with verbal anger at times turning into physical violence.

Q2 2020 Major US Hotel Sales Survey

By Daniel H. Lesser

The year 2020 will not be soon forgotten as the spread of COVID-19 and society's reaction to the virus have combined to devastate the global economy. U.S. GDP in the second quarter declined by 32.9 percent on an annualized basis, the most significant quarterly decline observed since the 1940's.

UNWTO, ONCE Foundation And ENAT Call For The Reopening Of Tourism Destinations To Cater For The Needs Of People With Disabilities

The World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) is calling on destinations to recognize the needs of travellers with disabilities or specific access requirements as they open up to visitors again. In partnership with the ONCE Foundation of Spain and the European Network for Accessible Tourism (ENAT), the United Nations specialized agency has released new guideline to ensure accessibility and inclusivity as the responsible restart of tourism gets underway.

GBTA Calls on Congress to Take Action on Expanded Relief for Distressed Business Travel Industry

Alexandria, VA - As the U.S. Congress negotiates a new coronavirus relief package for individuals and businesses, the Global Business Travel Association (GBTA) - the leading voice of business travel worldwide - has called on Congressional leadership to enact measures to renew business travelers' confidence and to curb the devastating impact of the pandemic on this vital sector of the global economy.

How F&B Service Will Change Post-COVID

By David Eisen

As COVID-19 plows through the hospitality industry, it's carving new paths to profit along the way. Moving forward, hotel food and beverage (F&B) services will be among the most transformed departments in the post-COVID-19 world.

Thinking for Yourself May Be the Only Regimen for a Full Recovery - Part II

By Steven Ferry

"Withholding information is the essence of tyranny. Control of the flow of information is the tool of the dictatorship." - Bruce Coville. [Preamble of 110 words] Last week, we looked at how the official response to the pandemic morphed from great concern about the danger; to numbness at the economic devastation (the UN World Tourism Organization estimated earnings down 80% on 2019 and the loss of 120 million jobs); to increasing rejection of the absurd.

SAHIC 2020 To Be Held Virtually

SAHIC, the Hotel & Tourism Investment Conference for Latin American and the Caribbean community, has announced its Virtual Conference for next October 5-6 th. Due to global travel restrictions and health authorities' recommendations to keep safe distancing measures, the annual event will be held on an online platform.

Statement on Face Coverings

The health and safety of guests and hotel team members is our top priority, which is why, effective August 10, 2020, face coverings will be required for guests and staff in indoor public spaces at Wyndham Hotels & Resorts properties in the U.

This Type Of Mask Is Now Banned From Delta Flights

Delta is tightening regulations for mask-wearing on its flights and released a statement this week that masks with exhaust valves are no longer allowed on their aircrafts. "Any mask with an exhaust valve is not approved as an acceptable face mask for customers traveling on any Delta operated flight," the Delta website now states.

Marriott, Hilton, and IHG Continue to Dominate the U.S. Hotel Construction Pipeline at Q2’20 Close*

In the recently released quarterly United States Construction Pipeline Trend Report from Lodging Econometrics (LE), the franchise companies with the largest construction pipelines at the end of the second quarter of 2020 are Marriott International with 1,487 projects/195,952 rooms, followed by Hilton Worldwide with 1,395 projects/160,078 rooms, and InterContinental Hotels Group (IHG) with 920 projects/94,499 rooms.

Ripe for Rebound: The Future of Hospitality

By David Millili

They say that smooth seas do not make for skillful sailors, and indeed, over the past several months, that belief has been put to the test. As global communities continue to work tirelessly to combat the spread of the coronavirus, the hospitality industry has been placed in an incredibly vulnerable position.

5 Reasons Guests Matter More Than Ever

By David Berger

Providing a quality guest experience is more important than ever for hoteliers seeking to compete in the post-COVID-19 world. Much has been said over the past six months about social distancing, mask etiquette, and the need for greater vigilance in protecting public health.

Tourism Restarts: 40% Of Destinations Have Now Eased Travel Restrictions

The responsible restart of tourism is underway around the world as growing numbers of destinations ease COVID-19 related travel restrictions and adapt to the new reality. According to the latest analysis from the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO), 40% of all destinations worldwide have now eased the restrictions they placed on international tourism in response to COVID-19.

Can Big Brands Disrupt The Disruptors?

COVID-19 has potentially changed everything—ushering in the possibility for brands to disrupt the disruptors. Predictable and boring amenities and designs shared by brands ushered in independent boutique hotels, allowing for unique experiences and celebrations of local culture and art.

The Impact of COVID-19 on the South Korea Hotel Industry

HVS has conducted a survey about the COVID-10 pandemic and its unprecedented impact on the South Korea hotel market. The survey is divided in two sections, how the properties in South Korea is reacting in response to drop of overall demands throughout contingency plans and viewpoint of how experts in the hotel operations are recognizing sign of recovery of pandemic as well as their outlook of the market in the future.

Canadian Lodging Outlook Quarterly 2020-Q2

HVS and STR are pleased to provide you with the quarterly report of the Canadian Lodging Outlook. Each report includes occupancy (occ), average daily rate (ADR), and revenue per available room (RevPAR) for six major markets.

How Housekeeping Opt-Out Might Change Post-Coronavirus

By Larry Mogelonsky

After COVID-19 has subsided, the housekeeping department will be front and center of the new normal hotel experience. Anxious guests will seek out those properties that can give them peace of mind by guaranteeing their safety through heightened cleanliness procedures, and at the same time there may new regulations coming to mandate stricter sanitization protocols.

Meet America's Best Employers For Women 2020

Companies have made considerable progress in their quest for gender parity over the years, enacting strong hiring and retention practices that directly benefit female employees and offering family-friendly policies that place women at the center of these efforts.

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