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Supplier News – Coronavirus: Impact on the Hospitality Industry

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All eyes are on the spreading coronvirus, COVID-19. Here you can follow the development and the impact of the coronavirus on the Hospitality Industry. Visit the WHO | World Health Organization for more information about the virus.

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ALICE Launches Free COVID-19 Recovery Checklist Software

ALICE has launched a new free product to help hoteliers operate more efficiently during COVID-19. ALICE's COVID-19 Recovery Checklist Software is available now, and is free to help hotels manage operations through times of low occupancy or closure, back into times of recovery, and up to full occupancy again.

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Hotel Tech Company Launches Covid-19 Support Platform

As Covid-19 spreads, communities have an urgent need for beds as field hospitals, for quarantine, and to house for patients as well as health professionals who are caring for them. The founders of hotel industry software provider Cloudbeds and their team created #hospitalityhelps to connect property owners and operators with health care providers, providing facilities during this time of need.

COVID-19 Free Software During Coronavirus Outbreak

Today, HotelFriend, a global IT company and provider of software for the travel and hospitality sectors, is launching a free software program to help hotels overcome the severe economic impact on their business caused by the novel coronavirus, as it can be used to reduce personal contact while living in a hotel.

The Ultimate Crisis Survival Guide For Hotels

The recent global spread of COVID-19 - and the resulting impact on personal and professional lives everywhere - has put crisis management front and center. Hotels face a domino effect triggered by the pandemic: guests are afraid or not allowed to travel, businesses are pausing corporate travel and events of all sizes are being canceled.

ADARA Releases COVID-19 Resource Center for Travel Brands

ADARA, the world's travel data co-op and leading provider of traveler intelligence today announced the new COVID-19 Coronavirus Resource Center for travel brands. To help travel brands adapt to a fast-changing environment, ADARA created the ADARA Travel Trends Tracker, which taps into real-time travel data to easily access travel-related consumer behavior and identify key trends.

​Dirty Money: The Appeal Of Contactless Payments

There's a lot of advice out at the moment from different governments around the world, all trying to protect their citizens from Covid-19. The key points from these pieces of advice are to avoid contact as much as possible and to keep washing your hands.

UgoVirtual Event Platform Provides Robust Alternative to Onsite Meetings for Challenged Global Hotel and Travel Industry Event Planners

UgoVirtual, a comprehensive online platform designed to meet the growing virtual travel and event management/hosting needs of the global travel and hospitality sectors, is providing a timely alternative to onsite events that have come under scrutiny in light of recent global health concerns surrounding the Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19).

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