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What Is Project Risk Management?

Explainer by Gregory Autin

The development manager has overall responsibility for the control of project risks and any actions associated with them throughout the project life cycle. The development management agreement (DMA) governs the relationship between the contract parties, minimizes the project risks, and increases the efficiency and quality of the resulting development.

What is ESG-compliant development?

Explainer by Gregory Autin

Sustainable LendingGreen loans are any type of loan made available exclusively to finance or refinance in whole or in part new and/or existing eligible "green projects". Green loan principles facilitate and support environmentally sustainable economic activity through the use of green loan products.

What Is Sustainable Hotel Development?

Explainer by Gregory Autin

Sustainable development is the responsible use of productive resources in a development project or undertaking to safeguard long-term environmental, social and economic sustainability. Sustainable development is adopted to provide lasting socio-economic benefit to all project stakeholders without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.