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Fifth Sharjah Hospitality Forum Highlights Latest Trends in Budget Tourism and Millennial Travel

As efforts to further develop the emirate's hospitality sector are being intensified to make it an ideal destination for visitors and tourists, including millennials, from all over the world, the hosting of the event complements the pursuit of the goals set by the Sharjah Tourism Vision 2021, which aims to attract more than 10 million tourists to the emirate by the year 2021,.

These Are Some Of The Best Hotels In The World For Design And Tech

Hospitality has always been a benign arms race, a struggle to capture the hearts, minds and loyalty of the most fickle and demanding guest. Hotels were the original testbeds for architectural innovation and building technology, places where many people had their first experience of modern plumbing, electric light, the elevator and a host of other inventions that we now take for granted.

Stats: Airbnb Lags Behind Major Hotel Brands

As we approach the busy holiday travel period, a new report from Morning Consult shows America's most popular airlines, as well as the latest trends and issues facing the American travel industry.The report explores how and where Americans like to travel, as well as their preferences regarding airlines, hotels, and Airbnb.