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6 Things Every Revenue Manager Should Do In January

By Abby Ward - Content Marketing Executive

With just a small percentage of difference in your hotel's RevPAR between success and underperformance, the role of the Revenue Manager (RM) is crucial to hotels.With the start of a new year, comes the perfect opportunity to re-educate ourselves on what makes a good Revenue Manager, and what you can do in January to be the best in the year ahead.

Important Hospitality Leadership Skills in 2018

By Robert A. Rauch, CHA - President of RAR Hospitality

I recently posted my top 10 trends in 2018. These include technology, lobby design, local food sourcing and more. Clearly, as leaders, we must be aware of trends in our industry. After all, many of us do not have someone to ask, "what's going on out there?" And it can be lonely at the top!I usually need a trigger to pen something like this-my favorite work subjects are typically technology changes, economic forecasts, strategy, marketing or management.