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Hotel Security: How to Optimise It

By Lillian Connors - Senior Digital Marketing Strategist at Bizzmark

Hotel security can mean the difference between acquiring returning customers and potential guests choosing a safer option. Bottom line is, your guests should not be thinking about their safety; that is your job and the responsibility of your hotel to provide.

Using Outdoor Elements to Improve Hotel Design

By Victoria Lim - Freelance Lifestyle Writer

Using Bold ColorsThe fastest and easiest way to make an impression is with the help of colors. Colors can influence people's decisions on a subconscious level better than anything else. Combine that with the fact that you can easily make a statement by coloring your exterior walls in a certain way, especially since it's becoming more important to focus on the lifestyle with all the millennials that are looking to travel.

6 Things that I Learned in the first week of my MBA at UET International and personal reflections on them

By Alexia Charoupa - Creator of The Storytelling Hotel

1. It's the value proposition that you offer, not the price.And money does not assume such a big role in decision-making when is connected to emotions, when, in other words, money is psychology.Hence, the interesting bid is how we are mixing different elements, package them in the price and give value to the customer by satisfying his needs:A premium priced hospitality offer reflects that it is a product with a high distinction value, a high-end product and this very high price of it communicates and signals a psychological message to the guest: the higher the price, the higher the value (Batra, 1999, p.

Is your hotel failing to keep housekeepers safe?

By Elizabeth Ziemba - President and Divya Daswani, Research Assistant

The profile of the typical hotel or resort guest has changed over the years. Now guests can be much older than a few years ago and require mobility assistance or unexpected medical care. Enormous gains have been made to assist people with disabilities access to places they could never go before or engage in activities that were unthinkable several years ago.