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Cornell Research Recap: Flexibility in reservation times can increase restaurant revenue

By Gary Thompson

Restaurants that allow diners to book reservations on a flexible schedule can increase revenues by up to 21 percent over those that use rigid reservation timing for patrons, according to a new study by Gary Thompson, professor of service operations research at the School of Hotel Administration.

The Digital Recipe For Guaranteed Success In 2020

By Tiziano Nessi

Technology is not a consequence businesses need to adapt to, but rather an opportunity that businesses can take advantage of. Having worked in the digital world of hospitality for four years, I have a long list of success stories thanks to basic technology adaption of restaurants in the industry.

Hotel Sentiment Survey Results: What Does Re-Opening Look Like During a Pandemic?

By Nicki Graham

In a recent survey conducted at Cendyn, we spoke with hoteliers from across the globe and asked them how they are managing their re-opening strategy during a global pandemic. As a reminder to all, hotels are in different situations across the globe - not every hotel is closed right now but many were closed for a significant time and are just re-opening or planning to re-open, albeit at a limited capacity.

COVID Uncertainty Does Not Discourage European Hoteliers

By Thomas Mielke

As the UK prepares for reopening the hospitality industry, AETHOS sought to get a clearer picture of the sentiment amongst branded as well as independent hotel operators. The idea - to contrast the mood of the British hospitality industry with that of a country where hoteliers have already had a little 'head start' due to the earlier lifting of restrictions.