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Per Diem Rates: Current & Historical Trends

By Chelsey Leffet

Government per diem rates are set for a number of locations, many applying to multiple regions or localities in each state. A per diem rate is made up of three components: a lodging allowance, meals allowance, and incidental expense allowance[1]; however, this article and the data presented below focus solely on the lodging allowance.

Hotel Statements: A Model of Profit Maximizing Premia and Discounts

By Bram Gallagher

Rooms revenue per available room, reported as RevPAR, is perhaps the most scrutinized performance indicator in the hotel business. Although the true aim of a hotel's operation is to maximize profit, the wide availability and frequent reporting of RevPAR may make revenue the hotel manager's most immediate target.

Why Focus On Engagement?

By Prince A. Sanders

I'd like you to take a minute to think about a time someone engaged with you while you were out shopping. Have you ever purchased a product or completed a transaction you were unsure about? What turned your "maybe" into a "yes"? Chances are, it was because someone worked to build a relationship and engage you.