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The 2017 State of Digital Transformation


Digital transformation is more than a buzz word even though it has definitely achieved that status. In reality, digital transformation is one of the most promising business movements modernizing constructs and models for a digital economy.

Designing a Truly Impressive Hotel Lobby

By Lillian Connors - Senior Digital Marketing Strategist at Bizzmark

In the past, the lobby was underestimated and served only as a waiting area and a passageway through the hotel. Nowadays, hotel owners are aware that quality hotel service includes a comfortable and inviting lobby, since for many people, hotels are home away from home and the lobbies have become like their living rooms at home.

Don't Be Ridiculous

By Shep Hyken - Customer Service and Experience Expert, Keynote Speaker and Bestselling Author

For years, the cable industry has unfortunately been one of those industries that finds itself in the bottom echelon of customer service rankings. While I believe the industry is making an effort to do better, and some companies are definitely becoming more customer-focused, it's this kind of story that makes me wonder if they are going about it the right way.

How to Make Your Hotel Your Guest's Second Home

By Victoria Lim - Freelance Lifestyle Writer

Let us put it this way - over the years we've been listening about the first-night effect which prevents us from having a good first-night sleep at a new place. According to Yuka Sasaki, an associate professor from Brown University, we find ourselves in a half-awake, half-asleep state when lying in a bed, a room different from our own.

Is your property's technology ready for the guest service convergence?

By Joey Yanire - Assistant VP of mobile access lodging systems for dormakaba

Hotel guests want a personalized guest experience. When guests feel welcome, they value their stay, become loyal clients, and generate additional revenue. As dormakaba's Joey Yanire explains, most properties have the ability to provide a personalized experience if they simply unify the data at their fingertips and put it to work.

Blockchain: The current reality

By Lyle Worthington - Technology Executive and Consultant & Vice President of HFTP Global

Has any technology concept been as hyped as Blockchain? (Well, yes, but probably not this year.) What is Blockchain, how does it work, why will it be such a good thing - and can it possibly live up to all this hype? More to the point: How, and when, will we start seeing Blockchain in the hotel industry? Lyle Worthington shares his thoughts on this fascinating technological solution.