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Hygiene and Sustainability: How to make both work?

View by Andreas Koch

"Hygiene is self-speaking at the top of the agenda in these times. The target – and many hotels started to follow it – was so far to find the best possible balance between fulfilling all legal obligation (like international Health & Safety or Food Safety Standards) and avoiding the potential negative impacts for employees, guests, and the environment without increasing the respective operational cost."

This summer's ‘Must Reads’ chosen by EHL’s Rooms and Revenue Management

By Beatrice Venturini

Continuing our summer reading list theme, EHL's Rooms and Revenue Management teams have drawn up a shortlist of essential titles that all prospective students of hospitality management should be familiar with on the topic of RM by the start of the new term.

Tourism Tidbits: Travel Rage in a Time of Pandemics

By Peter Tarlow

During the last decade, tourism officials have noted the evolution of various types of angers among those in the general public and especially among those in the traveling public. These angers first became apparent in the form of road rage then became air-rage, morphed into full-blown travel rage, with verbal anger at times turning into physical violence.

Q2 2020 Major US Hotel Sales Survey

By Daniel H. Lesser

The year 2020 will not be soon forgotten as the spread of COVID-19 and society's reaction to the virus have combined to devastate the global economy. U.S. GDP in the second quarter declined by 32.9 percent on an annualized basis, the most significant quarterly decline observed since the 1940's.