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"Sustainability needs to be viewed from a large Ecosystem perspective and as such, certifying only hospitality needs to expand to everything that pollutes the world. When addressing the sustainability agenda in a multidimensional manner and across the whole supply chain, the onus is not on what you inspect but on what you expect."

Reclaiming control over online distribution in the post-COVID hotel market

Advertorial by Isabelle Jan

The early days of the COVID-19 crisis have exposed shortcomings among big actors in online distribution (such as OTAs), especially regarding reimbursement in the event of force majeure. The subpar handling of this exceptional situation has caused newfound distrust among many users, who are now likely to seek out alternatives when booking their next trip.

The (Green) Recovery Imperative: Hospitality Re-Set Or Bouncing Forward?

View by Willy Legrand

"More by force than by choice, the tourism industry is looking for reinvention. Nanotourism (Dekleva and Gregorič, 2014) – at the opposite of mass tourism - probably best describes the transition, which has taken place over the past few months to reboot local economies."

How hotel sales teams can do more with less during times of change

By Ryan Hamilton

Few have felt the impacts of COVID-19 more than the hotel industry. Fortunately, however, recovery seems to be on the horizon. Recently, U.S. hotel weekly occupancy hit 50% for the second time since the pandemic's low point, according to STR's latest data.