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What's Old Is New Again: Selling the Return Visit to Travelers

By Babs Harrison - Managing director of Phoenix based Babs Harrison and Partners

Just maybe the most exciting 2019 trend for travel marketers may be the growing belief that today's travelers want - really want - to come back again to a destination they have visited. Call today's travel trend the Deeper Dive because that is exactly what a lot of travelers - in all generations - want.

A Guest-Centric Future Powered by AI: Taking Guest Relationships to the Next Level

By Raj Singh - CEO at Go Moment

Leisure travelers love to wait in lines, on-hold on phone calls, and spend a bunch of time on their device of choice researching and booking reservations, excursions, airport transfers, right? No, of course not! And yet, think about many of today's initial arrival and subsequent hotel guest experiences: Guests who have to wait in line to check in.

Is Airbnb Really A Threat To Hotels?

By Helder Pereira - CEO of RBH

Airbnb has grown substantially in recent years and now commands an estimated 22% of the market - making it larger than any individual global hotel group, and begging the question: what exactly is the impact of Airbnb on the hotel industry?Helder Pereira, CEO of the UK's leading independent hotel management company, RBH, believes the service has pros as well as cons.

Hotel Loyalty in the Post-Transaction Era

By David Millili - CEO at Runtriz

Here's what we also know about loyalty. An MIT Sloan Review showed that loyalty programs are growing at 9% per year, but the number of customers to actively participate is only about 50%. The Loyalty Report of 2017 showed that the average consumer is participating in 14 loyalty programs, but only has the ability to engage in 7.