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Three Ways To Upper Your Revenue Management Game

1. Cancelable rate premiumIn hospitality we traditionally have a discount of 5 to 15% between the flex and the non-flex rate. This compared to other industry such as the travel industry is very low. The airline industry is taking advantage of this system and can sell a cancellable fare up to 4 or 5 time the price of the non-flex fare.

Key Takeaways From h2c's Global PMS Study That Every Hotelier Should Know

It is a well-known fact that today's travelers have high expectations of a tech-forward, efficient and ultimately personalized experience throughout their travel journey. In many ways, this marks an exciting era in hospitality and inspires technological advancement within an industry which is often hesitant to keep pace with technological evolution.

Do price positioning and dynamic pricing work on Airbnb too?

By Linchi Kwok - Associate Professor at The Collins College of Hospitality Management

Airbnb, for example, introduced the "smart pricing" tools to assist hosts in adopting the right pricing strategies for the listing(s) they manage. Nevertheless, it is still up to the hosts to decide how much they want to charge a listing against others in the same neighborhood (i.

CEO of iVvy Lauren Hall Talks Groups and Event Technology and Making the RFP a Thing of the Past

By Lauren Hall - Founder & CEO at iVvy

The events and meeting segment of the hospitality industry has come a long way in the last few years. With the rapid progression and disruption of mobile and consumer-centric technology changing the way in which hotels approach their business, the rise of group booking technology appears to be the last piece of the puzzle to fall into place.

RevPAR And RevPAR Index Are Different And I'm Going To Explain Them Both In This Article

By David Lund - The Hotel Financial Coach

Let's start with RevPARIt is the cornerstone of the hotel world and rightfully so. It is the product of occupancy and rate smashed together. The acronym stands for "revenue per available room." In a simple example: If my hotel was 60 percent occupied last night and my average rate was $100, my RevPAR would be $60 (100 x .