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A shift in the "all day" dining concept

By Duncan Fraser-Smith - Global Director of Food & Beverage at TFG Asset Management

Conventionally, the function of an all-day dining is to support the rooms department, serving as a convenient F&B outlet for internal guests. As the industry gradually shifts away from this model, it is the hotel asset manager's responsibility to advise both their owner and appointed operator to revise the dining concept.

All you need is love (and supervisor support)

By Sowon Kim Crettex - Assistant Professor at EHL

In a study entitled, 'A matter of love: Exploring what enables work-family enrichment,' I worked with Mireia las Heras and Maria Jose Bosch to survey 157 people in Spain, as well as conduct a series of interviews of three groups representing the highest family enrichment scores, middling scores, and low scores.

Who's afraid of Google?

By Stuart Pallister - Associate Director, Lausanne Hospitality Research Center

Google, whose mantra used to be 'Don't be evil' (until it dropped it for the motto 'Do the right thing'), is almost omnipresent in our lives these days. We use it for all sorts of online searches, whether it's trying to access arcane information or find our way from A to B.