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What we can learn from our Restaurant Pandemic P&L

By Stacy Moore

We are all trying to find silver linings from this now nearly year-long unimaginable situation that has somewhat stopped us in our tracks. We find comfort and sanity in things like spending more time with our families, picking up new or dormant hobbies, appreciating and improving our homes, keeping up with goings on around us, and so many others.

"A sustainable lifestyle was established in the population long before Corona. Since Greta Thunberg and #fridayforfuture, many people have started to think about their own consumption and their behavior towards the environment and have changed significant things in their lives in order to improve their own ecological footprint."

Do we need a new revenue management toolkit for 2021?

View by Scott Dahl

"We have all heard the proverb “Necessity is the mother of invention”, but in today's post-Covid, hashtag world, #DistressDrivesInnovation might be more to the point. This is clearly the case for hotel revenue optimization tech."