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Hospitality Technology and Forced Migrations: A Bad Break-Up Story

By Ryan Hamilton

A hotelier's decision to invest in technology is not merely a purchase; instead, it marks the beginning of a relationship between vendor and customer. One party provides the service and/or software, and the other party leverages it to enhance their offering.

The five keys to successfully negotiating an off-plan hotel lease, for hotel owners

By Christopher Boinet, Anne Epinat and Julien Guittet

More than ever, off-plan hotel leases[1] are making headlines in the leisure real estate industry. Stemming from real estate law professional practices, off-plan hotel leases reconcile the legal and financial interests of three distinct actors: the developer (seller), the investor (owner) and the operator (tenant).

Hotel Lodging or a Cruise Ship Residence versus an Assisted Living Community: A Cost and Lifestyle Comparison

By Fred DeMicco and Isaiah Morrow

You might consider checking into a Marriott and not a retirement community or assisted living facility for your future living arrangements. The average cost for assisted living care is about $275.00 a day and checking reservations at the Fairfield by Marriott the rate was about $79 a night when you combine a long-term stay discount and senior discount.

In Memory Of Arne Sorenson

By Iqbal Ahmed

For more than a decade, while working as a concierge for a hotel in London, I became familiar with the name of its eponymous founder, Mr Marriott. His name was somewhat legendary for guests and hosts alike because a father and son duo had run the company for eight decades under their identical name, J.