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Hotel Technology During Crises, Does it innovate?

View by André Baljeu

"Now more than ever, it's critical to not only understand what customers want but to use data to help customize and tailor experiences to each guest. When talking with any solutions provider requiring data to streamline the customer journey and guest profiles, an ongoing challenge is accessing clean data from other platforms or locations to collate that data and build the ultimate guest experience based on a true single guest profile."

Airbnb & France: Recent decisions of the French Supreme Court put a sharp brake on Parisian short-term rental activity

By Anne Epinat and Christopher Boinet

On behalf of owners, Airbnb rents out furnished apartments to short stay, non-resident transient visitors. These rents are subject to the regulation of the City of Paris and this regulation has long stated that the activity of short-term furnished rentals to transient visitors, in return for payment, may not be carried out in premises used for residential purposes, pursuant to the French Construction and Housing Code.

Writing for the Moment

By Iqbal Ahmed

As a non-fiction writer, I usually choose to distance myself from the present moment and write instead about the past. It takes the expertise of a journalist to write about the present day. However, in 2020 many writers, finding themselves caught in situations that had arisen because of the pandemic, decided to write about present upheavals.