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LoungeUp launches a mobile key to allow guests to open their hotel room with their smartphone

LoungeUp now enables hoteliers to offer a guest experience without the necessity of a physical room key. As well as reducing physical contact between the hotel team and guests and eliminating the problems associated with the management of magnetic passes, dematerialising the room key onto the mobile phone also makes the guest experience more fluid: on arrival, by facilitating access to the room, but also during the stay, by avoiding technical problems and the loss of cards.

How big of a threat to the hospitality industry is Airbnb’s upcoming IPO?

View by Erik Muñoz

"A successful IPO will place Airbnb in a much stronger financial position so they can remove the high cost (at 11% interest) of their recent funding and prepare to operate profitably again. The threat of Airbnb will be felt by hotels that are perceived to be "risky" in terms of Covid-19 transmission prevention, eg."

Promoting Excellence: VENZA Launches the InfoSec Invitational Competition

VENZA further cements its position as the industry's go-to data protection awareness champion. How? They are hosting a global information security-focused quiz game-style competition. A first for the hospitality technology community, this series of matches has a whimsically fun atmosphere that makes the competition accessible even to those with a mere casual appreciation of the world of IT security.

Zoox Smart Data Partners with Leading Hospitality Wi-Fi Network Providers to Enable Seamless Access to Guest Preference Profile Technology

Zoox Smart Data ("Zoox"), an international provider of technological solutions that harnesses big data to build customer profiles from existing Wi-Fi networks, has announced additional partnerships with third-party Wi-Fi providers to ensure that more hotel and travel businesses can seamlessly integrate its advanced profile technology with pre-existing Wi-Fi operations.

Is Housekeeping Moving From The Back To The Front Of The House?

View by Soenke Weiss

"The expectation of a cleanroom has evolved from one that is 'dust and debris free' to one that is 'germ-free'. Even a sticker seal in the door cannot ensure that trust. The value for hotels however lies in turning a guest's trust into confidence that a germ-free environment awaits them in their room."

Shiji Distribution Solutions Creates Connection with Vertical Booking to Assist in Expansion Throughout Asia Pacific Market

Vertical Booking, a global comprehensive hotel distribution solution provider has partnered with Shiji Distribution Solutions to assist the company with its expansion into the Asia Pacific market. The connection between Shiji Distribution Solutions and Vertical Booking is now live and grants Vertical Booking's hotel customers access to Shiji Distribution Solution's widespread connectivity to the Asia Pacific and China market.