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Discounting is for Dummies - Part One


For many years, hoteliers have been throwing away potential revenues right-and-left, offering huge discounts to lure bookers back from the OTAs and alternative accommodation options. I'm here today to tell you something that I need you all to hear: discounting is the best way for your hotel to go from profitable with a high cost of acquisition, to a property with high occupancy, a low cost of acquisition, but (and this is a BIG but) one that is barely able to afford to stay in business.

Marriott International Hotels Gear up as Water Savvy Cape Town Bounces back after successful Implementation of Sustainability Measures

CAPE TOWN, South Africa -- "We're open for business and forging ahead with plans for tourism growth in Cape Town and the Western Cape" - that's the message a group of industry heavyweights are proclaiming, as the region comes together to help build a sustainable tourism destination that will continue to thrive.

Update Your 800 Message On Hold To Encourage Direct Bookings And Cross-Sell

By Doug Kennedy - President of the Kennedy Training Network

On many levels, marketing in the hotel industry has advanced rapidly, yet at most hotels and brands, the "message on hold" (MOH) scripting is stuck in the 1990's. Whether you call a hotel directly or call into its central reservations office, after the auto-attendant places you in queue the MOH nearly always direct callers back online again and again throughout the scripting.

BevSpot's Rory Crawford: Fine Tuning the Food & Beverage Business

By Phil Butler - Partner Pamil Visions PR

Founded back in 2014, BevSpot is a promising Boston-based startup company that is delivering on a promise to make life easier for bars. Now, moving on to the next logical progression, the company has expanded its domain by launching BevSpot Food, an expanded service suited to restaurants, distributors, and suppliers.