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Improve Your Hotel's Guest Engagement in 3 Steps

By Russell Silver - Founder at Fetch

In collaborating with hundreds of hotels to implement Fetch's 1-tap guest surveys, I discovered most establishments take an inherently flawed approach to guest communication. At a time when service and guest experience have never been more important to hospitality, this can be a critical mistake.

Raising the (mini)bar

The guest room minibar has been through some ups and downs in its 50-year history writes James Stephen. There’s plenty of life left in the concept, but hotels and manufacturers are increasingly thinking outside the icebox. The ...

Are Hotels Coveting only Half of the Millennial Market? Part Two

By David M. Brudney - ISHC

Part I dealt with understanding the millennials and their mindset - - now spending more than $200 billion annually on travel - - the influence of personalization, local expertise, location, and technology on their travel preferences - -Faced with the very real impact of Airbnb and other alternative-lodging providers, I ended Part I with a question: what hotels can do/are doing to compete?What hotels can do/are doing to compete?In competing with lodging rentals, hotel brands have taken note and taking action.