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China made 10% of tourists visiting Africa in 2016

By Josephine Wawira - Consultant at Jumia Travel

As at the end of Q1/2016, China's economy stood at an approximate $11.3 trillion, the second largest in the world just after the US with about $17trillion. However, while the US remains on top of the chart, the case is expected to be different by 2027 in terms of tourism spending and investment as well as in total travel & tourism GDP; as China overtakes the world giant.

Africa earned US$ 35 billion in international tourism receipts in 2016

By Josephine Wawira - Consultant at Jumia Travel

International tourist arrivals in Africa went up by 8% in 2016 according to UNWTO Tourism Highlights 2017 Edition, which cites comparatively limited data available to date. This represents a strong rebound, following two years (2014 and 2015) of weaker performance due to various geopolitical, economic, and health challenges.

Maturation of Sub-Saharan Africa Hotel Sector Presents New Opportunities

KIGALI -- The hotel sector in Sub-Saharan Africa has evolved during the past decade due to high demand growth, entrance of new global brands and increasing supply in major markets. This is the overview presented by Xander Nijnens, Executive Vice-President, Hotels & Hospitality Group, JLL Sub-Saharan Africa at the forum attended by leading local and international hotel investors in Africa.