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Using Wine to Show How Much Customers Care About Industry Jargon

By Larry Mogelonsky - Owner of Hotel Mogel Consulting Limited and the founder of LMA Communications Inc.,

A problem arises when we attempt to sell to these neophytes by using jargon that they may not fully comprehend. The response to the question, "What's that wine like?" will often elicit the server or sommelier to blab about that particular label having a good structure, being medium-bodied or some hybrid of those two descriptors.

The Biggest Mistakes Hotel Managers Make

By Dean Minett - Director and Founder of Minett Consulting

Take resource management, for example. The price of electricity is going up, and there is more pressure on hotels to lighten their ecological footprint. Experienced managers know there are countless ways to save resources - including voltage optimisation, water conservation measures, LED lighting, high-efficiency appliances, solar panels and so on.

What Hotels of Tomorrow Can Learn from the Airbnb's of Today

By Alan Young - President of Puzzle Partner Ltd.

This competitive landscape stretches between hotels brands as well as between hotels and non-traditional accommodation models, such as Airbnb. With both service models existing within the same industry and catering to similar guest demographics, there is a wealth of experiential knowledge to be shared/gained as they strive to evolve and improve their respective offering(s).