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PolyU Study Finds Focus on Accessibility Key to Exhibition Market Development

The researchers argue that an exhibition can benefit a host city or region by providing an important economic boost and enhancing its "image and reputation as a leading business events destination". Given these substantial benefits, it is unsurprising that potential exhibition destinations often receive government support and other investments to develop purpose-built exhibition infrastructure and facilities.

We love local! How to approach regional markets

By Margarita Cruz - Assistant Professor of Strategic Management and Entrepreneurship at Ecole hoteliere de Lausanne

However, in traditional industries such as wine and beer, the creation of new businesses as well as the introduction of innovative products can prove difficult. In these industries, incumbent producers have often survived multiple generations and their long tenure in the industry gives them the unique opportunity to create enduring relationships with their customers.

Student Article: How Robots Ruin A Hospitality Experience

By Tina Ghanbarzadeh Alamdari - Student Business Administration at USC Marshall School of Business

Do you want to be welcomed to a hotel by robots?With the growth in robotic innovations, robots are finding their way into the hospitality industry. In 2015, the Henn-na Hotel in Japan was the first and only hotel that is almost entirely operated by robots.

PolyU Study Urges Hotels to Engage the Facebook Generation

With the continued development of social media, customers are increasingly sharing their experiences through online review websites. As "one of the most accessible tools" for understanding customers' experiences, online hotel reviews represent a form of "electronic word-of-mouth" and have become an important source of information for customers planning a hotel stay.