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Marketers, Beware of Cryptocurrency

By Carolin Petterson

While many people are still puzzled by the very notion of cryptocurrency, others are trying really hard to get acquainted with the technology, as well as the risks and benefits involved. The marketing world is no exception and those involved in it should really pay attention to cryptocurrencies, since their impact can be even more significant in the future than it is now.

5 Steps to Get You on the Road to Construction Business Success

By Dan Miller - Payments officer at Bizzmarkblog

Market researchSo, you have a brilliant idea that you are certain nobody has come up with yet. I mean, how could've they? It is that brilliant! There are almost 7 billion people in the world, a large percentage of who are creative enough to come up with your potential idea, so you can rest assured that it has probably already crossed someone's mind.

Total Revenue Management

By Nicholas Tsabourakis - Managing Director By Katia Savoca - Revenue & Capacity Manager at Europcar

It is a fact that over the last years, we have seen a growing need for traditional revenue management (RM) to evolve from having sole emphasis in maximising revenue mainly from rooms, towards adopting a more holistic view and focusing on achieving profit maximisation across the whole organisation.

Key takeaways from the 2017 South East Asia Hotel Investors' Summit (SEAHIS )

By Paola Orneli Bock - Vice President, HVS Bangkok

Below are some key takeaways from the 2017 SEAHIS conference:Rise of the Millennials and the Experience EconomyHoteliers have been aware of the rise of the Millennials for a while now, and the shifts in consumer behaviour brought about by this generation.

What Hoteliers Need To Know About Indonesia

By Larry Mogelonsky - Owner of Hotel Mogel Consulting Limited and the founder of LMA Communications Inc.,

From what I've read of recent, the archipelago nation of Indonesia has as many opportunities for the hotel industry as there are islands (and then some). Then factor in the astounding growth throughout the rest of Southeast Asia and it's the equivalent of a total paradigm shift in global travel.