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A New Day in the Sun: CHICOS 2018

By Kristina M. D'Amico - Director at HVS Miami

Resiliency of the RegionWith the 2017 record-breaking hurricane season behind us, the recovery effort has been impressive. The islands of Anguilla, British Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico, and St. Barts have demonstrated a relatively fast recovery, with most of their hotel and villa rental inventory available for this upcoming peak season.

One Year Later: The Rebound of the Caribbean following the 2017 Hurricane Season

By Kristina M. D'Amico - Director at HVS Miami

Strong Recovery EffortOf the 32 Caribbean island nations, just seven were significantly affected (three quite severely) by the 2017 hurricane season. Significant progress has been made on each of these seven major islands, as follows:In addition to the significant progress that has been made in the rebuilding process, there are many new developments in the pipeline of the affected islands, including 400 new hotel rooms in Dominica and more than 3,000 rooms in Puerto Rico.

HVS Key Takeaways: CHICOS 2016

By Kristin Rinaudo - Vice President of HVS Atlanta

HVS recently held its 6th annual Caribbean Hotel Investment Conference and Operating Summit (CHICOS) at the Ritz-Carlton in San Juan, Puerto Rico. Hotel developers, investors, operators, lenders, brand representatives, and government leaders came armed with questions and information on the prospects for the region's hotel industry.

Want Better Reviews? Forget your building, its all about your people!

By Joshua M. Evans - Founder & CEO at EnthusiasticYou!

Our plane touched down on a beautiful little island in the Caribbean. Having never been to this country before, our excitement and anticipation swelled as we taxied toward the terminal. After a quick run through customs and short taxi ride we arrived at a sleepy little resort on one of the world's most beautiful beaches.