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The Impact of the September 2017 Hurricanes on the Islands of the Caribbean

By Leora Lanz - President of LHL Communications By Kristina M. D'Amico - Director at HVS Miami

And now, three years later, the Caribbean is feeling the effects of its own chain-reaction of natural disasters, while also trying to educate visitors with the topic of geography.In what appears to be a dynamic and active hurricane period, one of the busiest and most destructive season in decades, some of the islands of the Caribbean have witnessed destruction and evacuations like they've never seen before.

Market Pulse: Bermuda, the Host Island for CHICOS 2017

By Kristina M. D'Amico - Director at HVS Miami By Tara Tempesta - Marketing Communications Coordinator, LHL Communications

The following article provides an overview of economic drivers, market dynamics, and future hotel growth in Bermuda, where there is a surge of international hotel brands gaining representation, as the island springboards on positive momentum created by the 35th America's Cup.