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The #1 Most Important Takeaway for Hotels from ITB Berlin 2018

With another enlightening ITB Berlin event behind us, it’s time to reflect on what we learned this year. And not just reflect on the insights we’ve acquired, but act on them. How has traveler behavior evolved? How has hotel technology advanced? What does the future of travel and hospitality look like? And what bearing does all this have on hotel marketing and distribution? The answers to these questions, supported by every workshop, panel discussion, and conversion we attended or held in the course of this influential conference, all point to one resounding truth: The future of the industry is digital.

Defining Your Hotel's Online Reputation: Webinar Recap & Video

The latest joint webinar from trivago and Tnooz tackled the topic of online reputation for hotels: how it’s affecting their ability to drive bookings and what they can do about it. In the session, entitled “Beyond Reviews: Defining Your Hotel’s Online Reputation,” trivago’s Industry Manager for English-speaking Markets Aly Thompson revealed the root causes of low ratings and damaging reviews, debunking the myths and demystifying the considerable role metasearch plays in reputation management.