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Lessons from COVID-19: teaching hospitality during a pandemic

By Ian Millar

We spoke to Ian Millar, who teaches at the prestigious Ecole Hôtelière de Lausanne as a Senior Lecturer in Hospitality Technology and manager of the Institute of Business Creativity (IBC). Ian specializes in hospitality technology and is expertly placed to engage with students about new developments and where the industry will develop.

"We continue to have a culture and structure problem that blocks a "green recovery". I frequently hear students who work for chains say they read about sustainability initiatives on the corporate website (not a job requirement; it's a class assignment), but then do not see evidence of those commitments at their property."

winsedswiss education group Announces VET by EHL programmes (Vocational Education and Training under the license of École hôtelière de Lausanne) in Romania

winsedswiss education group (world institute of service education) with offices in Switzerland, Romania and Serbia is organizing, starting this autumn, the VET by EHL programs (Vocational Education and Training under the license of École hôtelière de Lausanne), in our first ohma by winsedswiss educational centre.

Appointment: Dr. Carole Ackermann elected new President of the Board of Directors and President-Designate of the EHL Board of Governors

As of 22 June 2020, Dr. Carole Ackermann will join the Board of Directors of EHL Holding SA as President and the EHL Board of Governors as "President-Elect". She succeeds Mr. André Witschi who will leave office after having served a maximum of three terms of office as defined by the Articles of Association.